November 25th, 2011


I'm Home

This Phase Is Finished

I turned in Wendy's keys on Tuesday and then started north -- it's a two-day trip from either Atlanta or Greensboro. Tuesday was damp and traffic was jammed for an hour beginning in Knoxville, 20-25mph on I-75. But unlike the way down, Ohio was blue sky civilized. Finally pulled into the garage Wednesday evening around 7:30pm.

We unloaded my things and a few things that needed to come out, like Wendy's laptops, on Wednesday night, but saved the main offload to Thanksgiving afternoon. Over the weekend I had to make some quick executive decisions. Most of Wendy's things were given away. We just don't have room for a lot of stuff, but I did gather up the DVDs -- no time to sort out the duplicates, but Wendy had a lot of sets of things like Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica. No point in me spending money on those things if she had. And a lot of Wendy and Paul's photographs and yearbooks -- heavy damned things. (grin)

But there were a couple of things I had made notes to look for.

First on the list was the purple Bargello quilt that Mrs. Dr. Phil made for Wendy in 1991, after she was widowed. I was going to take a picture of the quilt, but Mrs. Dr. Phil beat me to it. (grin) The colors are fabulous and this was the first in a series of Bargello quilts Mrs. Dr. Phil did.

Operation Rodney Rescue gathered up Big Rodney from a stack of books in the living room first off -- he's now looking at us from atop the CD case or rather I think he's looking askance at the ceiling fan. Many smaller Rodneys were pulled from the boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations.

There were a couple of pieces I wanted to bring home, including a brass rocking horse (not shown), a wooden carousel horse and a lovely German Shepherd in honor of Suzie from years ago.

The one piece of furniture is this tiny little chest which we had in the toy room when we were kids and then Wendy took for a nightstand. I hoped we had room in the Bravada and we did. Stuck next to my side of the futon, it looks like it's been there for years, but that's just my familiarity with it, methinks.

Mrs. Dr. Phil didn't come down to Atlanta, which turned out to be a good thing with the cold she's been nursing to say nothing of having more space to load up. But our quilted chicken is always there to look after us when the other is out of town.

Sam barely acknowledge my return Wednesday night, but the next night he was all happy to see me. Cats. Fickle.

Mrs. Dr. Phil made a big vat of chicken stew from this recipe for Brunswick Stew. So we had this on Thanksgiving itself. Not to worry, we usually do our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday or Saturday, often going to the movies on Thursday. This year we stayed home... and had a quiet day.

Having made a lovely key lime pie this summer, Mrs. Dr. Phil made key lime tarts on Thanksgiving. We'll have some today, though we did have Edy's pumpkin pie ice cream with our stew on Thanksgiving.

More anon...

Dr. Phil

About That Recent Sale

An Anthology Sale to the U.K.

In all the work and hubbub of this month, I'd mentioned how I'd written one last new story at the last minute for an anthology -- and then later mentioned that it'd sold. Hell, I've even been paid. Now that I've had a chance to sit down for a few minutes, I can dole out more information.

"The New Tenant" by Philip Edward Kaldon to appear in Rocket Science, edited by Ian Sales and published by Mutation Press. Expected to be released in April 2012.

They have a cool graphic of the Table of Contents over on the Rocket Science News blog. It breaks the stories into locale -- "The New Tenant" is listed under LEO, Low Earth Orbit, for example, since it's set on the International Space Station at the end of its NASA service life.

I've a limited number of near-term SF stories, though of course my WOTF XXIV story "A Man in the Moon" is one, so when I ran out of stories to sub, I wrote one more over a weekend. And it sold. You never know... except if you don't submit, you can't sell. (grin)

Dr. Phil

When Choice Is No Choice

Dear Gmail:

You aren't impressing me with a dialog box saying Switch to the new look -- without telling me WHY I want to switch. Today I saw in Gmail that Gmail's getting a new look soon. Learn more Dismiss. Clicking the Learn More gave me:
About Gmail’s new look

A new look

Watch the video to get an overview of the improvements.

You will automatically get upgraded to the new look soon. If you don't want to wait, you can switch to it today by logging into Gmail and clicking Switch to the new look.

I suppose I'm supposed to be impressed that you're warning me that you're about to fuck up Gmail, as opposed to Facebook that just fucks it up. But it all seems more like a threat.

See, I'm tired of having to bloody upgrade all the time. Especially on YOUR schedule and not mine. And it doesn't inspire confidence that lots of people are complaining about the so-called improvements.

And Google? Get off my lawn while you're at it.

Dr. Phil

PS -- I looked at the video. Kudos for putting in captions, since I normally run with the sound off. But in parts it looks like they want Gmail to look more like Facebook. Or G+. Which if I wanted to use, I'd look at more than once a month...