January 15th, 2012


More Wintry Photos

I Know, I Know...

Overkill excessive. But hey, I'm having fun. Will explain more soon... (grin) Meanwhile, more pictures of the Friday the 13th snow in West Michigan (DW). And meanwhile, the road crews do a semi-adequate job, while the university seems not to completely understand how to keep the lots plowed so that people don't start parking stupid.

4:50pm and still snowing -- it will take me two hours to drive home. (Click on photo for larger.)

M-43 West Main and Drake Street. The rain before the snow has made an ice layer which really makes intersections much more adventurous than the average rush hour driver wants to consider. Not total chaos, but "interesting." (Click on photo for larger.)

As so often happens with storms, the hills just north of Kalamazoo on US-131? Barely moving. The near truck is merging from Business US-131 on the right -- he's not stopping, slowing or using his turn signals -- he's just gonna merge right in. The far truck has just pulled over to the shoulder for some reason. (Click on photo for larger.)

This guy is also pulled over, but I don't think he meant to -- or overshoot the left shoulder so much. Maybe he believed the sign SPEED LIMIT 70. (Click on photo for larger.)

Original forecast had the northwesterly winter storm ending by 7pm on Friday, lake effect ending by 7am on Saturday, but 2:40pm on Saturday and we're now in a westerly lake effect band until 7pm...

Because of the fluffy cake frosting nature of the snow, it's a little hard to tell how much we got, but probably 6-8". (Click on photo for larger.

Maybe I should use the phrase icing, not frosting. (grin) This is eastbound on Warner on Saturday afternoon. (Click on photo for larger.)

Of course, the weather forecast for Monday and Tuesday goes warmer plus some freezing rain.

In The Kitchen...

Mrs. Dr. Phil is playing with the magic pot -- she got a pressure cooker on her birthday and we're finally giving it a test run today. Oxtail stew. Really pretty package of oxtails, just cut yesterday at the Allendale Meat Market. Should be yum.

Dr. Phil