January 22nd, 2012


Utter ConFusion

Still Here

As I write this, still have two panels to go on Sunday. But I've taken a couple of pictures, so thought I'd post them while they're fresh. Getting to ConFusion was... slow. Though there wasn't much snow falling, the roads were slippery or greasy pretty much most of the way. Had to stop on the ramp from M-43 West Main Street onto US-131 south to get to I-94 -- and let a car which had spun out get turned around. Otherwise most people were behaving. But with speeds of 35-60mph, instead of 70mph the whole way, the trip took from 3:18pm to 7:55pm. By the time I'd checked in and gotten my badge, parked and had the bags taken upstairs, I'd missed the panel on "I Suck", by several Big Name and GoH authors, and the opening ceremonies. Both of which were said to be good.

Leaving campus, on my way. (Click on photo for larger.)

Doselle Young on the right, Tobias Buckell on the left, and others -- I needed a low-light photo to demonstrate Vibration Reduction at 1/8th of a second hand-held exposure for my Saturday talk. (grin) (Click on photo for larger.)

The hotel bar is where people hang out at cons. Alas, the refit underway last year is done, and the seats are all for skinny young things. (Click on photo for larger.)

Since I was doing a panel on digital photography, here's my audience at the start of the talk at 1pm. Of course I followed the Science GoH, who'd filled the room at Noon.

Actually, there were more people in Dennison I/II when I finished, than when I started -- so I took another picture. The talk went really well, though I had to stop several people from making too many comments in order to finish. (evil grin)

Steve Buchheit, Ferret Steinmetz, John Scalzi, etc. on a panel about the Undead -- Zombies and Vampires. The young man on the right is a student at GRCC, hoping to transfer to GVSU and has his first novel out -- met him on the writing panel the previous hour. Ferret and I had a joint reading session, which worked really well.

The Saturday night bar scene, which started late as the nice weather allowed a lot of people to go out to dinner. Jay Lake (center in the hat) jetted in from the other side of the country to come to Michigan in January -- a brave man! (Click on photo for larger.)

Steve Buchheit sitting and chatting while I had a turkey burger for dinner in the bar's upper level.

Clarion and WOTF friend Al Bogdan was wandering around shooting people in costume -- a friend of his won the contest.

I suspect there'll be another Dr. Phil at ConFusion picture coming from Al. (Click on photo for larger.)

It's Saturday night at ConFusion, cue the Pirate ship. A welcome diversion while they sorted out an audio problem in the Boardroom where they were showing Anime this year. I believe they were dancing to the music from Slumdog Millionaire. (Click on photo for larger.)

More tomorrow?

Dr. Phil