February 29th, 2012


Leap Day In Michigan

Another Miss

Even by Tuesday evening, it was becoming clear that the ice storm forecast (DW) was tracking north of I-96 and Grand Rapids. In the Northern Lower Peninsula they had snow/ice days. And whatever was going on in the U.P., it was whiteout conditions -- even Michigan Tech canceled classes!

As for the Michigan primary election... I am assuming Obama won the Democratic primary and the Allendale zoning issue was defeated. On the GOP side of the ballot, Romney won the popular vote over Santorum, but I was surprised last night that they weren't breaking it down. After all, Michigan has 30 delegates -- 28 for the Congressional districts and 2 for the winner of the popular vote. So why weren't we getting the delegate estimates? Because once again, the Republicans end up with a murky result. At last report, it looked like Santorum might get 17 delegates and Romney 13 -- and given two of those would be for the popular vote, Romney only took 11 districts. So much for the big win for the home boy.

Back To The Weather

By the time I got to campus this morning, the rain had stopped. And the temps, which had started at freezing, were up in the 40s. The real shocker was coming out at 4:30pm and dealing with blue skies, sun and warm breezes near 50°F.

A few puffy white clouds on the horizon and a lovely afternoon. (Click on photo for larger.)

The huge WMU flag at the west end of campus was in full bloom.

By the time I got to US-131, only a few minutes away, overhead was solid black clouds. Snow forecast tonight.

Gotta love that Michigan weather.