July 30th, 2012



A Loaner

When Pat visited us last weekend, the Monarch butterfly maven/shepherd of course brought many jars of caterpillars and eggs. We have a really nice stand of milkweed plants, but nary any signs of the little guys at all this season. And July is almost over.

So Pat left us some caterpillars and chrysalises -- and on Saturday morning we had two females emerge.

The second of two females released before our daytrip to Chicago. Thanks, Pat! (Click on photo for larger.)


Finally, on Sunday 29 July 2012, after weeks of combing through our crop of milkweed in the front yard, Mrs. Dr. Phil came in with one monarch caterpillar and two eggs. Sure, they're tiny. But really, once you know what you're looking for, they can be found. We just didn't have any.

Our first caterpillar of the season. (Click on photo for larger.)

When they're tiny, they look green, but really they have all the same colored stripes as when they grow up -- it's just an additive color effect because the stripes are so close together.

Inset of the little bugger.

Dr. Phil