October 28th, 2012


Last Fall Pictures?

Slim Pickings

Last Saturday had some nice weather and I knew we were losing all the good leaves. Despite the risk of not getting any more leaves, I didn't take the time to go out. With the heavy rains and winds, most of the bright colors were gone this week. But it's been a funny fall color season, with a number of trees still green. By the end of the week, there were some new trees featuring the strong bright yellows that I've seen a lot of this year.

One Last Run

So I took the Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n out for one last run around town.

I haven't been through the Allendale Community Park in the long time -- this tree was just off the access road to the water tower. I opened up the lens to keep the background soft, but the depth of field was thinner than I wanted. (Click on photo for larger.)

This backlit tree was shot from the Blazer in the turnaround by the recycling area. (Click on photo for larger.)

I'm a sucker for backlit leaves and backlit/windblown flags -- by the Allendale Post Office I was able to get both around 4:45pm. (Click on photo for larger.)

There are some other photographs of fall colors shot in the last two weeks, but we'll have to wait to see them -- for the first time in years I've been shooting some film. Will get the rolls developed and scanned. Now that I'm running the Kodak at its full FX 14MP resolution, I figure comparing it against 35mm film would be useful.

Dr. Phil