March 11th, 2013



Spring Will Come

Here are a list of reasons why Spring will someday return to West Michigan:

-- The temperature in Grand Rapids last night at 11pm was 54°F.

-- That was 11pm EDT, having endured the DST2007 early shift to Daylight Saving Time.

-- At 6am Monday, it was still 42°F.

-- It was already 50°F before 9:30am Monday.

-- There were worms on the sidewalks this morning after last night's rains.

-- College basketball conferences are having championships and tournaments, as a sideshow to the upcoming NCAA Division I tournaments.

-- The Cubs are losing a lot of spring training baseball games in Arizona.

-- There are Easter Peeps for sale in the gas station in Wayland MI.

-- WMU's Spring Break is over for Spring Semester, most of which takes place in the Winter and not the Spring.

-- Rain actually makes things wet, instead of freezing into sheets of ice.

-- 4WD not required for the drive in today.

-- Did I mention there was WORMSIGN on the sidewalks this morning?

Dr. Phil