March 20th, 2013



Writing SF/F And Are Over 50?

The Speculative Literature Foundation's Older Writers Grant is "awarded annually to a writer who is fifty years of age or older at the time of grant application, and is intended to assist such writers who are just starting to work at a professional level. We are currently offering one $750 grant annually, to be used as the writer determines will best assist his or her work."

I myself managed to get an Honorable Mention in 2009 (DW), which is a nice recognition even if it doesn't come with any cash. I didn't score anything in 2010, though I had some lovely correspondence with the contest administrator. And in the fury of running around dealing with family in March of 2011, I completely forgot about the grant deadline -- but I did put in a submission for 2012 and having gotten a nice email from them yesterday, I will remember to submit my grant application this year as well.

Anyway, the deadline to apply is Sunday 31 March 2013. You do not need to be published to enter, all you need to submit is a writing sample, as listed in the rules. They expect to announce the winners by May 15th. There is NO cost to apply for the grant, only the ravages of time from your first half century of living.

And for you writers under 50? Get off my lawn.

Dr. Phil