August 2nd, 2013


The Journey of a Lifetime Begins With a Single Step

... or two or four or six.

In today's PT session I started with a three minute stand with the parallel bars. Then a test to see if I could lift my feet.

I was cleared to put weight on my left foot on Monday, so picking up my right foot and supporting on my left foot was risky. But it worked. And then I tried to pick up my left foot and could. Exhausted and surprised . And thrilled.

On the next stand, I picked up my left foot and planted it ahead of me, then swung my right foot forward. Left foot held up.

One step.

Then one with right. The left. The right. And sit down in the wheelchair.

Next try I managed six steps.

Yay me.

This is a huge "step" for me. My rehab can now begin to advance. Don't misunderstand me. I have a long way to go to even stand up without support and assistance. I asked to test if I could stand up on my own today and I could not. It's a long road to hoe, but today's steps are a game changer. And one that surprised my therapist.

I may someday get my life back.

Dr. Phil