August 23rd, 2013



Man, if it's not one thing it's everything else.

The other week I started having some stomach issues, mostly at lunch and dinner times. Some of this was clearly triggered by smell. Sometimes by transitioning to sitting up in a wheelchair. While I never actually threw up, I definitely was heaving. It's better, but not gone. Mainly at dinner and with the hospital food. Real food, brought in by Mrs. Dr. Phil has never been a problem.

I've lost nearly 100 lbs. since May first.

I also was going back to diarrhea, after starting to firm up, post those 7+ weeks of antibiotics. Eventually they decided to give me Imodium. And then I had several days of constipation. Great. Prune juice, Phillips Milk of Magnesia. Finally yesterday the dam broke and I've been clearing out the backlog. 7pm, 11:30pm, 4:20am, 10:20am, 4:30pm, 8:20pm.

TMI? Welcome to my little world. What the hell else do I have to talk about? (grin)

Anyway, they didn't have to break out the bigger guns -- suppository, enema. And my guess is that I just got cleared out by the diarrhea and then locked in by the Imodium. Stupid silly human plumbing systems.

Dr. Phil