October 1st, 2013


Do I Stay Or Do I Go?

Actually, I know I won't be going to WindyCon 40 on 8-10 November 2013 at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center near Chicago. But I highly recommend this SF/F con. Great programming, lovely hotel and a choice of area restaurants, food court at the mall or the terrific Harry Carey's Steakhouse.

They've raised their registration fees a tad, because although attendance is holding steady, the number of hotel rooms booked has dropped.

Things brings up a good point about attending cons, especially ones in your home territory. Do I Stay at home? Or do I get a room?

All things being equal, I'd rather have a room. Though I'm not a big party guy, there's usually lots of people in the con suite in the evening and often there's late night movies or anime viewing. Also, I usually have stuff to work on and to sleep in and then get a good breakfast and start the day works for me.

On the other hand, I've driven from West Michigan to cons and conferences on the other side of the state and even down to Indiana for a day trip, if it makes a difference between attending any of it or not.

Then there's the other side of the financial coin -- hotels don't host SF cons because they like us. They are a business and they need to make money. So I don't mind so much paying for a room or GOOD hotel food, and with my leg issues the last few years, tipping well for assistance. It's part of the total cost.

On the other other hand, I was young and cheap once (grin), so I can appreciate that many can't or won't afford the luxuries. Takes all kinds to make a con. But I like the vibe of the hotel filled late at night with my people.

Dr. Phil

Returning A Library Book

The facility which has been my home since about mid June is still called the Kent County Public Hospital by the locals, even though it's now a Spectrum facility. They have a nice little library on One. Mrs. Dr. Phil poked around in it and brought me two books one day. When we went to return them, she was pushing me in the wheelchair, which was too wide for the door. Oops.

But we picked up another book, Kathy Reich's Bones to Ashes, which was due today. So I finished it about half an hour ago, then fired up the walker and took the elevator from Five down to One. My first solo off-floor excursion -- and with a purpose! Since I have a wide-bodied walker, the 767 of walkers, I wasn't sure if it would make it through the door to the library, so I took the four-footed cane, and my Deluxe Gopher grabber in case it fell over, which it did. But that was when I was taking the cane and grabber off of the handlebars, since THEY were too wide for the door. (grin)

Anyway, I have now set foot inside the library and returned my book.

The Temperance Brennan mystery was pretty good, especially as it started out in Beverly, on Chicago's South Side, an area I know a bit about because of in-laws. (double-indemnity-grin)

Also today in therapy I walked up and down an entire half flight of the real stairs, 8" rise we think, not like the 7" rise of the four stairs in the gym. And took the walker for a spin all the way around the perimeter corridor on One without a break. About 280 feet. My PT therapist was thrilled with me.

I was chuffed.

Dr. Phil