October 10th, 2013


T-9 Days

I still hurt all over.

More pushing the boundaries. Stood or cane walked for most of an hour while in the OT kitchen. Melissa wanted me to cook something, so I made grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell's Tomato Bisque soup. Melissa had brought in a hunk of Jahrlsburg cheese, which added to a slice of American cheese made a great filling. Somebody had cooked before us, so the butter was already out and soft. Had to wait on getting the little carton of milk to thin the soup, so I did the prelab of cutting the cheese, assembling the sandwiches, buttering one side and getting the thick condensed soup from the can.

Was worried about the stove -- an electric with flat sealed heating elements. Nearly all my cooking has been on gas. But the nonstick fry pan was suitably nonstick and the pot was a heavy Emeril signature pot. Got a near perfect brown of both sides of both sandwiches.


Running late, as happens, caused a trade of PT therapists, so I drew Ian again. So I knew I was going to die. Again. Went up and down a lot of stairs and a lot of cane walking.

Continuing to make new progress every day.

Oh, and coming inside from outside airing with Mrs. Dr. Phil, we found that some of last week's therapy dog trainees were getting their testing. So we petting the trainees and also some of the neutral dogs -- veterans who were used to help with the tests. There was an amazing one year old marble cake coloured brindle coat Great Dane. Fun. Love the therapy dogs.

Dr. Phil