October 12th, 2013


T-7 Days

Weekend therapy tends to be different. Often it's different people, sometimes it's different times. Last weekend OT and PT were both half hours on Saturday, rather than a whole hour. Today, I had an hour each. Of course the scheduled times overlapped. Should we do co-treatment? NO. I need as much therapy as I could muster. And I almost had three hours of therapy today, because they double-booked me for OT, but of course insurance would only cover one.

They're fighting over me again! (grin)

Used the walker to go downstairs for both OT and PT, on either side of lunch. In PT I did more cane walking and then took a turn in the steeper stairwell. Had worn out my legs. Was going to do one or two stairs. Ended up doing 7 of 9 -- shades of Jeri Ryan -- then turned around and came down. I might have gutted it out and made it to the landing, but once you've exhausted the legs, you risk stubbing a toe and missing a step up, so the better part of valor was to acknowledge that 7 stairs was better than 2. (grin) As opposed to feeling defeated that 7 was less than the full 9. (double-grin)

And now I am pretty well pooped.

Dr. Phil


Alas, at least for a lot of folks I know versus my Pittsburgh cousins, Michigan lost to Penn State. But it was a helluva contest.

UofM was losing at halftime, but they came back and were leading something like 34-27. Then tied 34-34. They had a chance to win it with a field goal, but the 52 yard attempt went like 51 yards.

1OT -- still 34-34. 2OT -- 37-37. 3OT -- 37-37 with a Michigan FG attempt wide left. 4OT -- Michigan 40-37, but Penn State gets a TD, wins 43-40. In four overtime periods. I think ESPN was figuring the game would end at 8pm ET, but it went a good eighty minutes more.

I love extra value games.

It was, to some extent, a good game. Something like 107,000+ in Beaver Stadium in Happy Valley PA. They were pulling something called a White-Out. Near as I could tell from the overhead shots, the visiting sections must have been in the end zones, which weren't heavily lit, versus the rest of the stadium enveloping the field in a sea of white t-shirts and white pom-poms.

Some of the staff here were disappointed, as one might expect. And Michigan fans just weren't excited by Michigan State beating Indiana 42-27 earlier in the day. As one might expect. (grin)

Dr. Phil

Fade away... Radiate...

The last two weeks have not been kind to the Wildcats.

Last Saturday night, the Big 8pm ET football game on ABC was #3/4 Ohio State vs. #18/17 Northwestern. The Wildcats were leading for much of the game. They'd not beaten a Top Five team ever. And I think at one point they were saying something about not playing a Top Ten team since 1959. Or some other dubious Curse-of-the-Cubbies type thing.

It fell apart at the end and the Evanston crowd not only saw the 33-30 heartaching loss, but the stupid humiliating 40-30 loss that was actually recorded in the record books.

So today, it was with trepidation that I found the #19 Wildcats at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison to play the University of Wisconsin. Yeah, the Badgers are not in the Top 25, but this is Big 10 football -- it doesn't matter. Unless you're Purdue in 2013 and seem to get your ass kicked every week.

First insult -- I was watching the game on ESPN2 and we weren't even out of the first quarter when they switched to the Clemson-Boston College game. What? I flipped to ESPN... Big Ten Network... And finally found the game on ABC. When I came back from dinner, the Northwestern game was clearly lost so they switched to a more interesting game.

35-6. Man, we never even scored a touchdown. Sigh.

I can't root for anybody.

Dr. Phil