October 13th, 2013


Go Tigers!

Very proud of the Detroit Tigers this fall. I had barely noticed that the regular season was over and the Divisional Series had started when, much like the American America's Cup team, they were one game from elimination, down 2-1 in a best-of-five series with Oakland. But a funny thing happened. Detroit won, tying it up. And then Verlander happened on the A's and the Tigers won in Oakland.

Tonight was the first ALCS game, in wondrous Fenway Park against the Boston Red Sox. But I wasn't watching much of the game because of the 4OT Michigan-Penn State game. When I finally tuned in, Detroit was up 1-0. I guess they got a run in the sixth. In the bottom of the ninth, after Detroit stranded two runners, it was pointed out that Boston had no hits. That there had never been a no-hitter in a League Championship Series game. And only one Divisional and one World Series no-hitter.

History in the making amidst the festive post-season burning? Naw. Boston got a hit.

But they stranded that runner and Detroit won Game 1 of the ALCS.

Whee! The local fans will go nuts.

Dr. Phil


It's one thing for a team like the West Michigan University Broncos to be a sacrificial lamb to a Big 10 team or two. But for a Mid-American Conference game against Buffalo, at home and WMU's Homecoming game to boot, it probably wasn't supposed to be this way.

Western lost 33-0, leaving them 0-7 for the season and their first shutout since 2004.

Come on, when I was at Northwestern we took pride in bringing big name Big 10 teams to Evanston for Homecoming. Sure we got shellacked, but we got to see a big name Big 10 team in their prime -- just not Northwestern.

Even last year WMU started out looking strong. They're not supposed to be the 1978 Wildcats.

Sorry Broncos. Hope you can get some wins in the next couple of weeks.

Dr. Phil


Aw, poop. Looked like it was going to be just like Saturday. Tigers up by a run and no hits for t h e Red Sox. Alas, not even a 5-1 lead could keep Boston from winning at Fenway.

So the ALCS is tied up. Still many games to go.

Dr. Phil