October 14th, 2013


T-6 (Sunday)

Weekends are just one day of therapy, so since I had OT and PT on Saturday, Sunday was a day of rest. Mrs. Dr. Phil had been off with Momcat to the quilt retreat they go to every year on Saturday. But on Friday she'd scored some more lovely tomatoes at Potter's.

That meant Yet Another Tomato Sandwich Sunday. Trust me, with the trees starting to turn outside the glass cornered conference room, this does not get old.

Watching Detroit Lions winning, reading the Sunday paper, listening to the podcast of Saturday's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. Not quite as good as doing it at home, but we'll tell you all about that next week...

It's not bad.

Dr. Phil

T-5 (Monday)

Back to the grind. Walked downstairs with the walker. Then walked 65 feet with the cane -- until I tire, I am beginning to smooth out my steps. Then as we went around the corridors on One, I got up from the seat on the walker and started taking small steps, holding the cane off the ground. Kept going for 8 feet. Rest. Then 12 feet of walking, including a few almost normal longer steps AND going around a corner.

Twelve Feet!

I tell you, this time has been so very productive that I feel much better about going home on Saturday.

Did some more work on strengthening my left hamstring. Then walk back to the elevator with the walker. And did some more sit-to-stands on the stairwell. First one went well. Second one I was tired and needed a little boost up. With time up, I'm not going to complain.

In OT we had a student volunteer from GVSU observing -- I love having students around. Played some Zoom Ball, arm exercises with 4 and 6! pound weights. More walking and picking up things.

Whew. Good and tired after all that. Onward to tomorrow!

Dr. Phil