October 19th, 2013


T-2h 27m (Saturday)

Well, I am up, showered, dressed -- or as dressed as I get these days -- and relaxing for a few minutes before the next steps. I targeted 2pm as my departure time, but who knows what the actual time will be.

Lots of staff here say that they'll miss me. I've been here longer than most and, with very few early morning cranky exceptions, have tried to be nice to everyone. And followed the directions of doctors, nurses and therapists. Committed to pushing forward every day and gutting through the hard parts of therapy was my plan from the first and by gum it has worked. Even for a determined non-exercise person as myself.

Just under five and a half months from ER to final discharge, some six months if you date back to when I got sick. This has been about 1% of my life so far. Unnecessary? Unavoidable? Who knows? Intolerable? No. Thankfully they were able to give me a single room -- 5147 -- here and for nearly all my hospital stays. Amazing what having to be in an ICU does for not having roommates. (sickly-grin)

Anyway, onward to home recovery in a few hours. And hope I don't drive the long suffering Mrs. Dr. Phil nuts having me rattling around the house again.

Where was I again when my life was interrupted? Oh yeah. Just turned in grades and was going to have some two months off before teaching again.

I just might be on target for that.

Dr. Phil

Peanuts! Getcher Pea... Oh Wait...

Finishing on a high note, I guess. ESPN2 is showing the Minnesota at Northwestern game at lunchtime.

And then I remembered that I'd seen a news item that they were making Ryan Field (Dyche Stadium) peanut-free this weekend. Had seen a shot of crews powerwashing the stands and they would be selling no products with peanuts -- hopefully catching all the stealth peanut products out there.

This is a nice thing. First ever for NU, not sure if it's been done in the Big 10 before. I know that the West Michigan Whitecaps have had a peanut-free day every year for the past couple of years.

Go You, Northwestern!

Dr. Phil


I'm home.

Mrs. Dr. Phil came in before 1pm, I think. I had already done some organization and some things had gone home earlier in the week. So packing up wasn't too bad. Bearing fresh baked goods, we made a little trip up to LTAC on Six. Pretty quiet up there. Funny that most of the time that I was in the unit, as opposed to Room 624 for those two weeks, I was moved by gurney. So this was really the first time I had stood and seen the unit.

There were half a dozen gray plastic tubs in my room, from various previous units. Stuff which is opened is tossed unless you take it with you. Amazing how many partial or nearly empty containers of things we tossed. The last of our chocolate stash we had to fill a tray for staff was taken out, along with more baked goods and some spreadable cream cheese for them.

Paperwork. List of prescriptions that I am still on -- hopefully not for long. They were ordered for our pharmacy and Mrs. Dr. Phil is out picking them up. I imagine that it might get screwed up? No, she's pulling in now, along with dinner from La Pita, the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern place in Allendale.

O real food! Please!

Oh no. La Pita was dark? Despite having posted hours of 10-10 on Saturdays? This Does Not Bode Well.

So... we're going to have our Sunday dinner today -- Country Captain. Go curry!

Anyway, eventually we said goodbye to a bunch of people, took our cart, walker and me down to the lobby. For a day forecast to be rain in mid-afternoon, it was bright blue skies and some puffy white clouds. Boarded the Bravada and left at 2:46pm, arriving at the house around 3:19. Took some maneuvering to get up the stairs. Still needs some work.

But I am home.

Gaack that's an unruly pile of pill bottles...

Dr. Phil