October 20th, 2013


T+1 Day (Sunday)

So I've been home for more than a day now. It both totally familiar and difficult. Thank goodness I had the last two weeks of therapy, because it would have been impossible then.

My comfy chair isn't totally comfy and even with the boost of another layer of foam, it's not easy to get out of. The boosted toilet seat is a big help. The Big issue is the bed.

Oh sure, the new oak platform is terrific for height, though after thirty years on the floor, the ceiling seems awfully close. (grin) But I haven't slept on my side -- or on such a firm surface -- in five and a half months. I wasn't really sore in the morning, but I did spend about three hours moving around in positions, which would be okay for a couple of minutes at a time. Finally I moved to camp out in the living room and Mrs. Dr. Phil's recliner. This was all made harder because I had to walk carefully without the AFO support on my left foot. But I did get several hours of sleep -- and a nice nap in the afternoon.

I assume the bed issue will settle down in a few days, as long as I keep at it.

And until I make it to a couple of doctors, I am still on a bizarre combination of medications. I numbered the bottles one through twelve and made a chart for AM, NOON, PM and LATE. Since I didn't have an endless supply of little paper or plastic pill cups, I'm using a shot glass. Chonk them all down at once. Except for the yucky potassium horse pill. (ugly-grin)

Bottom line, this is so much harder than I thought it would be. And I had anticipated that it wouldn't be as easy as it was in a rehab facility made for people with problems moving. And I really don't think that more time without knowing what I know today would have helped. Thank goodness that classes won't start for me until January. No rush to do the impossible too early.

And yes, I do appreciate that this time and this rehab is a gift. And even though I feel great and am not really in bad shape, I would not wish this on anyone. Or want to punish someone for being sick or injured with denying them the kind of care I got, because of my mean-spirited ideology.

But I am HOME!

Dr. Phil