October 21st, 2013


T+2 Days (Monday)

I'm still drinking a lot of water. Funny thing though, that first glass of water at home was a GLASS of water. As in a glass made of glass and not plastic or Styrofoam. And one with about a ¾" thick base -- I was surprised at how heavy the damned thing was.

Five and a half months out of the loop is a long time.

Today a nurse from Spectrum home care stopped by to get some info and started scheduling some things. She sketched out for four weeks, but said most of this could be completed in two -- once I am mobile outside the house, I can go over to the local PT place and have Craig or someone rough me up.

Biggest obstacle is still the foot drop from the compressed nerve I got in the Holland ICU.

Sunday night's sleep on the bed was still some time in bed, but not actually sleeping, followed by a couple of hours of good sleep in the recliner. But, I don't stop easily. So I went back to the bed for a nap this morning, and by gum I fell asleep a couple of times. I know this because I had a series of weird dreams. Sort of dorm life, hospital life, teaching, all put in a blender. (grin)

Mrs. Dr. Phil worked from home for a big chunk of the day, then had some things to do at work, followed by a trip to the shop to see why the Bravada didn't have much heat. Now that we're into fall and all, what with me having missed the summer an' all, heat is a good thing.

You know what else I missed? Windows that open. I can breathe cold outside air. Really, you have no idea.

We were talking tonight, and Mrs. Dr. Phil commented that we had better not get old after watching me limping/walking carefully with two canes. My view? I know now that if in the future we need to do some sort of accommodation with the house -- we will do it. Really.

Dr. Phil