October 24th, 2013


T+5 Days (Thursday)

Now we're in business.

Both the OT and PT therapists came this afternoon -- they actually overlapped a bit during their evals, which is what I would have scheduled -- so this is good. The OT therapist was one I had actually used at the Fuller Street facility a couple of times, so she was already familiar with my history. Tomorrow a home health aide will help with some stuff. Next week I'll have one OT and three PT visits, and then we'll see from there.

We had hoped to go see Gravity in 3D this weekend, but will try to wait another week. And if I miss it, I miss it. Two to four weeks. I'm betting on three, since I didn't have any active therapy this week.

Once I get some more strength and endurance, and do some more practice with the evil stairs, and can get into the Blazer and drive, then I can be moved to outpatient. And be free, for some values of free.

As usual, progress takes small steps. And since I didn't have my therapy evals until today, I have had a chance to learn how to do the basics around the house -- and show off what I can do. And point out what I can't do yet -- plus the things I am not physically capable of unless my compressed nerves regrow. So all in all, I am pleased with the results.


Dr. Phil

This Is How It Starts

It snowed today, here in Allendale. I saw some pictures from Ohio where there were places which had a complete white covering.

Last night Mrs. Dr. Phil reported that graupel had pummeled her on the way up the driveway with the trash can -- she was pulling the trash can back from the road, the grapple was just falling and not beating her with the container. (grin) Still, there was enough stuff to make a slick layer on some West Michigan roads during the morning commute.

Around 9am I noted that there was a thin layer of white on the front weeds, but surfaces like the concrete sidewalk were merely damp. An hour or so later, I saw those larger snow flake clumps falling and in an unusual move for around here, they were falling perfectly straight down.

By afternoon, as the skies alternated between dark and overcast and brighter with some blue skies, there was no sign of snow. Overall, not very serious. And a week before Halloween? No, it's not so impossible for First Snow as some people would like. And no, it doesn't mean we get a heavier winter than usual. Or that this early snowfall invalidates global warming -- remember climate and weather are not the same thing.

Naturally on the 11pm local news tonight, with a chance for more snow on Friday, the Hysterical Severe Weather Center report had to go on about wind chills. Because, you know, the actual temperatures aren't all that winterlike and therefore nothing to talk about. How can we instill panic if you don't have something scary to talk about.

No pictures as I haven't unpacked the camera gear or even started to recharge batteries.

Dr. Phil