October 25th, 2013


T+6 Days (Friday)

Gently being bathed by bikini clad maidens under the shade of the palm trees, with the scent of hibiscus wafting on the breezes, while being fed dates...

Um, no.

Today was Shower Day. Actually Bath Day, since the Bariatric Shower Transfer Bench ordered Thursday hadn't arrived yet. The Home Health Aide came by to assist -- she's been doing this for thirty years.

The truck delivering the shower bench came 2½ hours later. (grin)

Sleeping in bed is getting better. Yay. Bad news is that readjusting myself hasn't helped Mrs. Dr. Phil get a good night's sleep.

It's been a long week, to some extent, but at the same time, despite the complications of my left leg, utterly familiar. Did the 5½ months in hospital really happen? Already it starts to seem a distant memory.

Which makes complete sense, when you consider most of that waiting time. Even during the most strenuous days of rehab, I had some 21-22 hours per day of sitting, bed, eating, sleeping, reading, Kindling. Roughly one percent of my life so far. Necessary, as far as that goes, but I look forward to breaking out of the house and hitting the road. Working. Writing.

Including a couple of OTC items, I have a list of 13 medications I am taking. 3 are for allergies, 8 are the heart and blood pressure drugs Cardiology ordered after my one incidence of a cardiac arrhythmia in the ICU back the first week of May. Most of this stuff I should be to shed Real Soon Now.

To get around the mix of drug names and generic rebrandings, I just numbered the bottles and put the pills in a shot glass:

AM -- 2,3,5,7,8,9,10,11,12
Noon -4,5
PM -- 5,7,9
Late -1,6,4,13


But no matter -- I shall conquer this stage of my recovery, too!

Dr. Phil