October 26th, 2013


A Clarion Foundation Fundraiser

2014 will be the tenth anniversary of my Clarion workshop. Hard to believe. Though we were sad to see Clarion leave Michigan State University and head to San Diego, the six-week Clarion experience is totally remarkable if you are a science fiction and/or fantasy writer. They start taking 2014 workshop applications on December 1st -- scholarships are also available, since six weeks is a major undertaking.

Today I got an email about the 2014 Clarion Pin-Up Calendar fundraiser. For $25 you can get the calendar, which looks pretty amusing. You can, of course, contribute more (for fancier signed calendars) or less (no pin-up calendar for you).

They're trying to raise $4500 and with my $25, they're already up to $1940 from 32 people.

We always need a couple of calendars, some are freebies and some we buy, so combining Clarion and a calender seems like a deal to me. And as a literary pin-up calendar? Hilarious.

More info and a video on the link here.

Dr. Phil