October 29th, 2013


Missing But Not Forgotten

As I do from time to time, I'm re-reading past years of my blog. I started doing LiveJournal and Dreamwidth as much for me as for y'all. Going back reminds me of things and causes me to check up on other things I'd forgotten about. This time there's the added need to reconnect with my life and get back into writing and submitting to markets. On this pass I am not pausing to fix typos, add tags (LJ/DW tags don't work right in Silk on the Kindle Fire HD) or check for dead links.

So when I ran across this 2007 entry on Clarion (DW), I thought to check up on Down Under and the Clarion South workshop. But the link for clarionsouth dot org went to a non-English web site. Curious, I Googled "clarion south" and sure enough, the URL has turned over to someone else. The next site was the Wikipedia entry on the Clarion workshops:
Clarion South Writers Workshop is held in Brisbane Australia. It was founded in 2004. It currently runs biennially. In 2009, Clarion South lost its venue. Although the workshop was held that year, the organizers have had difficulty finding a new home for the workshop. In March 2011, they announced that future Clarion South workshops were "on hold indefinitely."

Clarion South was started to allow people on the other side of the world a better chance of attending a Clarion workshop without the expense of traveling to the States, as well as the workshop. I have a somewhat closer connection to Clarion South than most. The first was held in the "summer" of 2004 -- that's Australian summer -- and one of the people who helped run that first workshop, Grace Dugan, got a chance to come to East Lansing for the same 2004 Clarion I attended. After that, I tried to keep track of any blogs from any of the Clarions and have since met other writers from Clarion South. Australia itself has a vibrant SF/F community and I even have two publications in the Australian Andromeda Spaceways In-flight Magazine.

But the last few years I haven't spent the time reading Clarion blogs and while I had heard that Clarion South was on hiatus, I hadn't realized they hadn't re-opened.

So if you run across a Clarion South link in my blog, it probably won't work.

Clarion moved to San Diego, Clarion South not in session -- it's not the same world as 2004. As one would expect. If you've ever thought of going to Clarion or Clarion West, remember that there are no guarantees that you'll always have that option.

Dr. Phil