November 20th, 2013


Progress Report #685541

*** Two weeks ago I had doctor's appointments and one of the things we accomplished was a decision to cut the dose of two of the myriad prescriptions. Now I've stopped them. Yay. The bulk of the meds will have to wait til a December appointment -- I'd be happy to be rid of all of them.

*** Because one of the prescriptions I still have is Lasix, I'm also taking potassium. While in the hospital, I tried taking these potassium horse pills, but they weren't coated and once it stuck in my throat. So they broke up the pill and dissolved it in chocolate pudding. (Vanilla pudding and applesauce were awful tasting.) Before I left the hospital, the nurse practitioner from the medteam looked up and found smaller pills. But our pharmacy didn't have them, so I ended up with the horse pills again.

But we had a very nice pill cutter from a failed experiment to cut the rotten Sudafed PE pills in half. So for a month I've been quartering the horse pills and swallowing them that way. But with the refills for the second 30 days at home, we got the smaller pills. So a swallowable pill twice a day beats deconstructing the friable horse pills. Another Yay.

*** Nurse today was pleased that my heel is seeping far less. And we have a dressing and wrapping arrangement that can hold for a couple of days. I knew it would heal again, annoyed that it was delicate enough that it started seeping and thrilled that it's getting better.

*** Oh and I crawled around on the bed on all fours today. Worked well. I'll probably feel it in my left knee tomorrow. (grin) But not as bad as the other day. (double-grin)

*** Last night worked on the story due at the end of the month, working on editing a story for Asimov's. And today started a whole new story out of the blue. More yay.

And so life goes on...

Dr. Phil