November 21st, 2013


We Are Still Fighting Over Nothing!

Regarding my post the other day on The Gettysburg Address (DW):

UPDATE 11/20/2013 Wed -- And because there are people who are willing to ruin anything, there's apparently an uproar in some tiny-minded circles because President Obama left out the words "under God" from his reading of the Gettysburg Address.
The President of the United Damn States of America was asked to record the Gettysburg Address. They asked him to read what is called The Nicolay copy – which is believed to be the first draft – and is the one preserved at the Library of Congress.
The words “under God” are not in the Nicolay version. You know, the one preserved in at the Library of Congress.

Now, to be fair, the Bliss version given in full in my previous entry does contain those words, but I also know that there are a number of versions of the Gettysburg Address -- I chose the Bliss version because it is widely quoted. Ken Burns apparently chose a version to be the closest to what Lincoln said. Check out the Wikipedia entry which details some of this.

In other words, this is not a War on Christianity issue or Obama isn't a "real" American issue.

I ended my blog piece the other day with: "Let our quibbles detract not from the significance of Gettysburg or the healing derived from one man's magnificent utterances on our history."

It just goes to show that frothies can try to ruin anything. Even a solemn commemoration of a solemn moment in U.S. history.

Dr. Phil

NOTE: I am reacting to one article posted on one Facebook post, because I believe all too easily that this could happen. But I didn't leave it there. When I Googled "Gettysburg Address under God", the Usual Frothy Suspects all had headlines that Obama omitted or removed the words "under God".

Please note also that I did bother to check -- it took fifteen seconds for me to verify that such incendiary charges were leveled against the President of the United States. Two minutes of previous research for my original post had already told me about the issues of versions of The Gettysburg Address floating around.

Research. Fact checking. These are useful and important skills -- and in many cases take no time or inconvenience to conduct.