November 24th, 2013


Bill Cosby Part IV

I did a series of posts on Bill Cosby in 2009 (DW). Well, they just aired another Bill Cosby special on Comedy Central last night, the Far From Finished tour.

His lovingly rambling style doesn't totally mesh with frequent breaks for commercials -- especially when the volume level of the commercials drives you to the mute button -- a fail for the advertisers and nasty thoughts directed at Comedy Central for practicality interrupting the man in midsentence. *** Still, for what is described as Cosby's first comedy special in thirty years, the ninety minutes (minus commercials) is a delight.

From the moment the old man, 76, not nearly as svelte as he was fifty years ago, does his shambling Cosby strut on stage, we know this is the man before he even opens his mouth. And of course, the bulk of the set is about marriage and a man's place in it, closely followed by kids and parenting. Several times he works to get the audience to finish a line, then good humorly admonishes the crowd for doing so when he didn't prompt them. All this to set up a joke fifty years in the making, based on his fatherly "I brought you into the world, I can take you out." "That's MY line -- you can't have it!"

We saw Cosby in concert at GVSU once. His style of comedy is timeless and universally funny. Glad to have caught him then live and last night on Comedy Central. And years of the besweatered Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show. A legend.

BTW -- Four years ago I was posting about Bill Cosby because of the Mark Twain Prize honors. Tonight (Sunday) Carol Burnett, fresh from her appearance on Friday's Hawaii Five-Oh Thanksgiving episode, is also awarded the Mark Twain Prize on PBS.

Dr. Phil

*** The worst offender currently for overly loud commercials is on History2 channel's Big History, as streamed over the History Channel app. I thought there was supposed to be legislation preventing even cable companies from pulling this sort of shit.