January 1st, 2014




I am home.

I am healthy.

I can walk.

I can stand.


I watched Kathy Griffin handcuffed to Anderson Cooper.

I watched the ball fall in Times Square.

I kissed my Bunny.

I had egg nog.¹

I had fish.²

I had champagne.³


I made my midnight writing deadline with two full minutes to spare.

It's been snowing steadily all day.

We have nowhere to go tomorrow (today).

It's warm and bright in here.

I have been signed off by home nursing.

2014 is already a swell year for me.

All the Best for You.

Dr. Phil

¹ Joy of Cooking recipe -- they give it for one cup and then you just multiply. Couldn't get commercial egg nog in the little quart container and a half gallon was deemed too much for two. (Obviously someone has never had egg nog on cereal before.) (grin)

² Pickled herring in wine sauce. Every New Year's since I was a little kid. Of course I have managed to combine herring on Triscuits with the midnight egg nog.

³ Barefoot Pinot Grigio Champagne -- great start, a bit fruity on the end. Pleasant.

*** Oh, and the little moon program on my Kindle is sayings it's almost a new moon, 0.1% of the moon, just a handful of pixels left to go. How often does the New Year start with a new moon? Cool.

New Year's Day

125th Tournament of Roses Parade -- check.

Breakfast with stollen and Apple-Chicken sausage -- check.

Dave Barry's 2013 Year in Review -- check. (snort!) (chortle) (giggle)

Big Ten teams playing on New Year's Day at 1pm -- Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa -- check, check, check.

Michigan State University in the Rose Bowl later -- CHECK!

So we're watching... The NHL Winter Classic on NBC -- Toronto Maple Leafs versus Detroit Redwings -- at the Big House on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

It's outdoors. It's packed. It's like the largest crowd to see a hockey game, as Michigan Stadium seats over 100,000. It's 12°F, wind chill is 0°F, chance of snow 100%. Perfect. Watching the crews pushing off the dry fluffy snow, hilarious.

And now I have a book to read.

Enjoy your New Year's.

Dr. Phil

*** -- Two words: Whistle Warmers.