January 8th, 2014




The last time I saw the lecture hall 1110 Rood was Wednesday 24 April 2013 -- 259 days ago. I was giving my last final exam, to PHYS-1070 Elementary Physics. 10:15-12:15. And I was sick. "Weak as a kitten" was a phrase I never expected to use, but that's how I felt. Thought my students had given me the third wave flu. As my loyal readers know, however, this was not the case.

I only lasted through about half the final -- I had called in from the road and said I was running late and had to desperately use the bathroom. So my department head was there, helping proctor when I finally made it just in time. He told me to go home, but I did some paperwork so students could go through Check-Out and know where they stood. Then I unsteadily and weakly climbed up out of the lecture hall and rested in my office before heading home an hour or two later.

So today was both triumph -- I was back! -- and challenge. Actually it felt good if a bit awkward to be there. And it turns out there are sixteen steps in the lecture hall. I thought there were more.

Picking Up The Pieces

Of course the first day of class ended up being Wednesday, instead of Monday, so there's a few adjustments that have to be made. The university quickly sent out an email changing some of the Friday registration deadlines to Tuesday -- Mrs. Dr. Phil reported GVSU did the same. As one would expect.

We have a new Physics Help Room. First it was in the basement, then last year elevated to a second floor lab. Now it's in the old third floor computer lab. I heard a couple of grad students trying to figure out where it was, so I did the disembodied voice shouting, "The new Help Room is in 3302!" Yeah, Dr. Phil is back.

Later a voice in the hallway expressed amazement that there was a light coming from the end of the hall -- my office opens on the end and then bends around the wall in an L-shape. Katie was our secretary, now working in a STEM student support program up in the old third floor of Rood computer lab. She poked a head in, said hi. Also she was following my blog this summer. Had to look up my lovely summer tomato and peanut butter sandwiches. (grin)

Everybody I saw today was happy to see me.

The Next Adventure?

Friday's weather includes overcast and temperatures in the mid-30s... followed by a wintry mix for the late afternoon. In fact the Allendale forecast from Weather Underground calls for "ice pellets". Joy.

I might not be hanging around late on Friday. (grin)

Oh, and I have to toss the leftover cookies from the Spring 2013 finals. (double-stuffed-Oreo-grin)

Dr. Phil