January 12th, 2014


Star Stromboli's Pereddies


The last time I was at the Star Holland, I thought was during nasty weather in January 2012 to see War Horse. Turns out, though, that in February 2012 we saw Red Tails at the AMC Star Holland 8. Either way, we rarely go there, except we were going to Holland and we wanted to see Her.

I'd used Google Maps satellite view to find the handicapped parking spots and ramp at Holland 7. Alas, the satellite angle for the Holland 8 doesn't show the northern side of the building. But I did find the handicapped spots and a blue marked sidewalk ramp -- I assumed this is where the main wheelchair ramp was. So we arrived, parked and I was right.

Front entrance to Holland 8. Stairs are practical, given Holland's propensity from flooding. The wheelchair ramp is very shallow, running under the overhang behind the columns to the left. (Click on photo for larger.)
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After The Movie

While Mrs. Dr. Phil was talking to the people at Computers and More, I sat out front, attracted once again to the sign saying Browsers Welcome. Knowing this crowd, this was most definitely a joke. I took a shot, but in the late afternoon overcast gloom, the shutter speed was low and the 28-80mm lenses don't have VR vibration reduction.

Coming out of the hospital, I knew my arms were weak. One of the reasons for cobbling up the lightweight N2020 and getting a D100 was to not have to hold the serious bricks of the D1-series and F4s pro cameras all the time. But I've been shooting film lately and the D100 is new to me. So only after I took the shot, did it occur to me to kick the ISO from 200 up to 1600, thereby boosting the shutter speed from 1/20th to 1/160th of a second, good news for using an 80mm focal length on a DX camera.

200 ISO -- actually not bad, until you go to the full size image. (Click on photo for larger.)
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1600 ISO. The D100 goes two more stops in override modes, to 3200 and 6400 ISO. Haven't tested those. On the D1H, I prefer to use the highest settings in blabk and white mode, not color. (Click on photo for larger.)
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On the way to the computer store, we'd passed a familair sign, for Stromboli's. The Allendale restaurant had closed and the takeout place in Borcula is out of the way. So a takeout Stromboli's in Holland would be a good thing, particularly here on the north side. I had a crazy plan -- after our nice dinner, we should pick up a pizza for Sunday. So we stopped to grab a takeout menu.

A welcome addition to our Holland pizza options. (Click on photo for larger.)
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Oh, and our order was 14", sausage, mushrooms and black olives -- our "usual".


A nice dinner out. First one since I got out of hospital. Normally we'd have done Pereddies several times last year, especially around my birthday. But I wasn't available on my 55th birthday, though I did get a slice of their key lime pie. (grin)

Concerned that maybe it was too wet down at Washington Square, we decided to head towards Butch's downtown. But all the north side parking spaces on 8th Street were blocked off -- the Holland Ice Sculpture Contest was just finishing -- and we couldn't get a parking spot. So back to Plan A and Pereddies. And a damn fine time it was, too.

Washington Square from our table. (Click on photo for larger.)
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Mrs. Dr. Phil and Pereddies. (Click on photo for larger.)
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We like the front room with its grape arbor look and lights. I came in on two canes, no problems. (Click on photo for larger.)
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Dr. Phil


Thursday 12 January 1984

In the middle of the chaos of moving out of Champaign and Wilmette, a long road trip to watch the oranges freeze in Florida, a friend hosting a 1984 Party that night and me finishing a job at the Northwestern University Library the next day on Friday the 13th -- we headed out to have a Cook County IL judge marry us. Then we moved to the U.P. so Mrs. Dr. Phil could start out as a newly minted librarian at Michigan Tech.

Yup, we moved to the Copper Country in the middle of January.

And were married by a judge on his lunch hour who never saw us.***

29 Years 364 Days

Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Phil at Pereddies, celebrating Thirty Years. (Click on photo for larger.)
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It was a lovely dinner. The server did a nice job with the D100 and its built-in-flash above. Shared potato stuffed perogies with grilled onions and sour cream -- and I asked for an extra Gorgonzola stuffed olive in Mrs. Dr. Phil's dirty vodka martini so I could have one. (sly-grin) I had the Caesar salad with anchovies and my usual lasagna and meatballs, Mrs. Dr. Phil had the fresh mozzarella salad and the three cheese ravioli special. And of course the most excellent Pereddies' rolls, so good we've been to at least two other fine restaurants in Holland that serve them, as well.

Asked if they had the key lime pie. Our server hadn't seen it on the dessert tray, but she said she'd check with the kitchen. They did. I said we'd have to get two, because I wasn't sharing.

They make a real great key lime pie.

Thanks, Momcat and Joe!

A Long Run

Thirty years of marriage -- seven-and-a-half in the U.P. and the rest down here in West Michigan. Last year was rough, with nearly half the year spent in hospital -- together and apart -- putting it that way makes it seem so much longer than it was. Funny. But with me back in the classroom, following a very pleasant three weeks or so, plus two extra days, over the holidays, we are off to a great new year.


Of course this 30th is so much fun, we'll have to do it again, come October. (grin) When we'll celebrate our 30th 2nd anniversary. (double-grin)

Dr. Phil

*** He was blind.


So Saturday night we came home from dinner and our day out in time to watch the Jeopardy! rerun. Except CBS was showing the late NFL playoff game. About 8:45pm, I bothered to glance at the TV schedule and saw we were missing a new Mythbusters episode.

Darn! I cannot tell you much Adam and Jamie and Kari and Grant and Tori make me happy. Still, we were in time to see the explosion at the moonshine still -- it's Mythbusters so you know something had to blow up -- as well as a gasoline versus moonshine raceoff in cars.

And then it was Adam and Jamie again, after the top of the hour. But it wasn't Mythbusters, it was something new called Dangerous Toys.
After years as colleagues, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage square off in a no-holds barred WAR featuring a robot army and 25-foot couch fort ... among other things.
That's a robot army of five-foot teddy bears, mounted on remote control motorized wheelchair bases -- with exploding heads. No, really:

(Click on photo for link to more at Discovery Channel.)

Sure, it was a contrived event, but it was seriously fun and silly. They held their battle in Northern California -- the rolling green fields looked just like the battleground used in Star Wars Episode I or the battlefield that was the default wallpaper in Windows XP. (grin) And I laughed as the teddy bears came over the hill...

Don't know where they're going with Dangerous Toys -- after all, Unchained Reaction, the two-team building challenge show they had the other year didn't go very long -- but we'll see.

Dr. Phil