January 14th, 2014


The Foibles of Technology

Plug in a lamp. Turn it on. It either lights or it doesn't.

Plus in a toaster. Push the lever down. It toasts the bread or it doesn't.

Plug in a cellphone to charge it... And sometimes it fails to charge.

Huh? What's up with that? I mean, given that power is flowing, the phone did its semi-boot and chirped, why wouldn't it be charged six hours later? Dunno. It happens. Sometimes the battery needs to be reseated -- but can't the damn phone tell?

I have a couple of calls to make, but turning on the five year old Razr gave a warning beep and the battery display is all red, even though it was just charged. Guess I'll be going out to the Blazer earlier and see if the car charger is working.

Meanwhile, the chickenshit little mini-USB charging port on Mrs. Dr. Phil's Gen 1 Kindle Fire is behaving badly, and so far three shops don't want to try resoldering the triple-damned thing. It's back to charging again in the speaker dock, so it works for now, but gee. It was new in November 2011!

On the other hand, my "new" 11 year old Nikon D100 and 27 year old Nikon N2020 digital and 35mm cameras just work and work and work. Apples and oranges to be sure, but the disposable society is awfully annoying at times.

Dr. Phil