January 20th, 2014


And Now It's Decided

For The Next Two Weeks It's Nothing But...

TV commercials about what kind of blowout food we're supposed to be eating for The Big Game. Shortly we'll be inundated with attempts to sell us Really Big New TVs. Cars. Oh, and furniture.

As For The Game

Seattle. Denver. New York -- or at least New Jersey.

NFL Super Bowl XLVII, Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos, Sunday 2 February at 6:30pm EST on FOX, MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey. Two weeks and probably some eight hours of pre-game coverage.

Once again, there's no true home field advantage as neither the Giants nor the Jets made it. Still, the game has the potential to be a good one. And I kept on thinking both teams would be kicked out in the playoffs.

If you asked me for a favorite, I'd probably go with Seattle.

As For Today

As the snow flakes randomly drift around -- or rather now big flakes flowing by on a breeze -- we celebrate this day by singing King carols, gather by the roaring bonfire to beat back the winter's cold while we roast weiners in the flames...

I write this not to sarcastically demean MLK Day or the man or the message. More that we still don't know what to do. When I was a kid, we got both Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday off from school. It made February, already a short month, even shorter with just over a week between the 14th and the 22nd respectively.

But we didn't know what we were doing. George Wahington meant cherry cupcakes or cherry sheet cakes. Abraham Lincoln meant... what? Pennies? Building a log cabin out of Lincoln Logs? I was in elementary school, but there were not a lot of discussions as to why we were getting the day off. We just knew we were told to honor these two presidents.

Later we switched to taking off either Lincoln or Washington, but not both. This morphed into the even blander Presidents Day.

We're definitely not there with MLK Day. There are still many adults in this country pissed off that there's a Federal holiday to commemorate someone who wasn't even a President. And rather than getting better, it's even worse now that (sotto voice) There's A Black Man In The White House. And right there we see why MLK Day is important.

Even if it isn't yet ready for cupcakes and furniture sales.

Dr. Phil