February 3rd, 2014



It's All About The Food

Our Super Bowl party only included the best people -- just the two of us. (grin) Mrs. Dr. Phil made some decent guacamole with a nice spicy salsa she got at New Year's. The tortilla chips are from Snyder's of Hanover, which we know better for pretzels. But the grocery store has been flogging these chips and not only do they taste good for Reduced Fat, but they are sturdier than some which worked well for scooping the guacamole.

I was going to photograph the "spread" and forgot. So I did a quick still life in the kitchen with the leftovers. (double-take-grin)

What's left of our Super Bowl party. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2014 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

Salad was greens, a mild feta and balsamic vinegar. Main course feature our spaghetti with bleu cheese. Yum.

It's All About The Commercials

It doesn't have anything to do with beer, but the annual Budweiser Clydesdale commercial with the puppy that wanted to stay with the horses was cute. Lots of buzz about the Volkswagen "every time a VW goes over 100,000 miles a German engineer gets his wings". Note the "his", because the women don't get wings, I heard elsewhere. And farting rainbows at 200,000 miles? Yeah, in this crass culture I suppose.

The Class Act awards go to Chevy for honoring cancer survivors, Coca-Cola for celebrating diversity and pissing off some of the frothy types by singing in languages other than English.

Honorable Mentions go to the Steven Colbert pistachio I & II and Chrysler's latest love letter from Detroit.

The Strange Awards go to Go Daddy for someone quitting on national TV and someone starting up a spray tanning business for body builders? Also the Sprint ad for buying out your contract and maybe springing for a star spokesperson next year.

Not sure about the suggestive, then crass, Greek yogurt commercial. Really? You want to go there with dropping yogurt on the crotch and suggest you expect your girlfriend to bend down and lick it up?

Frankly, the rest were a blur. Neither product nor commercials were that memorable. Expensive fail.

It's All About The Game

I missed the beginning of the game. I have a habit of taking a nap before dinner and since I've got home I've most days needed it. I mention this because of two things. Renee Flemming doing the national anthem and Queen Latifah on "America the Beautiful" -- might have to find these on YouTube

By the time I got up at 6:45pm, the first five minutes of the game had gone by and Seattle was up 5-0. This turned out not to be a fluke, as it was 22-0 at the half and in the first twelve seconds of the third quarter, Seattle ran the kickoff back for a TD from like the 11-yard line. Eventually in the fourth quarter Denver scored and went for two, but the damage was done.
Seattle Seahawks - 43
Denver Broncos   -  8

At NU the late Sunday NFL game was usually Seattle with Rick Gannon at QB. Good memories, cooking crazy Sunday dorm meals and watching the Seahawks -- after watching the Bears blow another one. And hailing Manning as the greatest QB ever? Puh-lease. We can stop that argument with the likes of Joe Montana. And others.

One of the local sports guys, who played in two Super Bowls, said on Friday that though we had a matchup of this year's best offense versus the best defense, in his opinion good defense trumps good offense.

So color me not upset that Seattle won. Disappointed it wasn't a shutout. Pleased that Denver went for the two-point conversion. And we're done for this year.

Olympics next!

Dr. Phil

Slytherin House

Monday -- a beautiful morning. -5°F in Kalamazoo, 0°F in Grand Rapids and +5°F in Allendale when I set out. Main roads clear but glazed slightly. No real problems.

Until I reached Meijers in Standale, about 12 miles into my run, at Lake Michigan Drive M-45 and Wilson Avenue M-11. There as I slowed for a light the red BRAKE light came on. Okay, not a good idea to drive around without brakes. So I turned around and drove back to Allendale and up to Chevy. Their ride home Montana was sitting in the middle bay, ready to head out so I got a ride home. Told Chevy not to call between 10 and 11. Remembered to take the garage door remote and the handicapped hang tag, just in case.

Then once I got home at just before 9am, I set up to Skype in my 10am lecture. Our computer tech wasn't in, so his laptop which we used the last time, wasn't available. So our lab supervisor had to borrow the chair's laptop -- his own university issued laptop wasn't up to the task. Changed the lighting in the living room and we were online.

Went well I thought.

Oh, Chevy called just before 10am. Main brake line rusted out at 309,000 miles. 4½ hours of labor.very similar to the 1985 Repair at 305,000 miles.

Ah sweet Entropy of life, coming to separate US from our technology and our money.

Dr. Phil