February 8th, 2014


Four Rings And An Asterisk

So... apparently it wasn't my imagination. Lots of people twitting and Facebooking about the NBC coverage and lack thereof. In the spirit of the previous post, that's also what happens every year.

Everyone seems to wish the Games in Sochi to fail somehow. To stick it to Putin. The one glitch in the Opening Ceremony was the fifth snowflake failing to unfold has been taken as some of sort of sign. An omen. Or just a technical fault that some guy is probably crying over because it worked perfectly the last sixty times they tested it. And should have been forgotten in the wake of the glowing white troika of humongous horses.

I watched some of the rerun of the Opening after the Jimmy Fallon Farewell To Late Night And Hope He Isn't Replaced By Jay Leno In Four Months show. Or rather I had it on while doing some other work.

Still didn't see any athletes taking the Olympic Oath To Play Fair.

The final torch relay and lighting of the soaring ski jump torch was pretty -- though no one can top the lighting of the torch by flaming arrow at Albertville (?). But in years past they showed a lot more cutaways of the run up to the stadium. With such a huge huge country, Russia ran the longest torch relay in Olympic history and from NBC's coverage, the hand torch might as well have been lit by a Zippo lighter with the Olympic rings thirty seconds before "... And Camera Seven!" But the open elegance of the portable torch was really very cool looking.

Bob Costas looked terrible. The poor man was soldiering on with an eye infection. But at 61, it really looked like he had an old man's bad dye job on his head. Martina Sharapova struck me as a class act in her old home town of Sochi. An Aside: the Kindle Fire HD desperately wants to auto correct Sochi to Sichuan, so if in the next sixteen days the blog takes a sudden Chinese venue change, it's Amazon's fault.

And I know, I know. NBC is trying to keep the narrative going, but come on. This was NOT a live broadcast. What's with missing parts of the Opening due to commercials? If I was Russia, I'd be pissed about big chunks of their history excised by whim. Probably where the boring old pledge to compete fairly got edited out. Along with the IOC's declaration against discrimination.

Sigh. If we were still in the U.P. Or over by Detroit or possibly sprung for digital cable, we would watch the Canadian coverage. Yet Another Biennial Complaint.

Still, this doesn't take anything away from my interest and enjoyment of what I can see. Now let's see if that NBC app works...

Dr. Phil