February 24th, 2014


To The Future!

And now for a documentary film by Ken Burns... er, Clarion 2004 and WOTF 2008 classmate Al Bogdan... And it's not a documentary, but an ad for Detcon 1, the NASFiC in Detroit this July. A time traveler from 2014 who looks suspiciously like Al Bogdan tries to bridge the gap to Detention, the 1959 WorldCon in Detroit:
Mabel meets a time traveler, but can she convince Morty to go with her to something called Detcon1?

Check out the video on YouTube. It's cute.

And come to Detcon 1.

Dr. Phil

Well, Damn...

Good news, bad news...

-- I'm home --- the Blazer is in the shop.

-- Brakes work fine --- all three brake lights, not.

-- Pulled over by Public Safety and we checked all the lights, after I pointed out I just had brake work done the other week --- had to miss PT.

-- Monday is one of the days the shop is open late --- Monday is the day they get stacked up with weekends repair discoveries.

-- They do have WiFi at the shop --- but the Kindle was home as I transported an XP netbook I set up this weekend to the office this morning.

-- They kindly drove me home --- but not in the fancy pants brand new yellow 2014 Corvette. That's okay, they'd already sold it and I would've had trouble getting in and out of it. To say nothing of bringing the walker home. (grin)

Annoying, of course. But still a good day for this to happen. It was blue skies up until about Kent County. Light snow, nothing much, but stiff cold wind. Damn near froze to death getting gas. 68th Avenue was icing over from snow blown off the fields. As usual.

Dr. Phil