March 15th, 2014


Relative Temperature

Sonia was one of our class at the 2004 WOTF Workshop. She posted today on Facebook that it was 46°. Now just about two months ago she said it was about 46°, but she lives in Perth on the Indian Ocean, so 46°C in summer is still pretty damn hot. 46°C is about 115°F.

So now she's talking about the autumn weather half a world away. 8°C. 46°F. It's cold. Layer on the jackets.

Here it peaked at 48°F in Kalamazoo -- 51°F in Grand Rapids -- and people were tossing off coats to enjoy the warm and sunshine, next to the melting snow piles. Even with my cold, I took off my coat to enjoy a minute of shirtsleeves in the sun as I stowed my walker.

Temperature is a relative thing. A comparison. But it has to be done in context. 48°F in August is a sharply colder fall day. In March, when the low was near zero just two days ago, it's warm. And of house changing units makes it even more relative.

So record lows two nights ago. Above freezing last night. Heading back down to 8°F. March is some kind of brain addled lion-lamb chimera in 2014.

As for Winter, FINALLY after most of a week, NBCsports is showing some Paralympics Games -- adaptive snowboarding right now. Men's and women's snowboard cross. The adaptive snowboards are different, you can only point it down the course. No fakeys. Yeah I neither know precisely what that term means or how to spell it. (grin) These athletes are competing their hearts out, mostly in silence by NBC.

Dr. Phil

Chi-Fi Lives?

So back in January I reported on the cancellation of a new Chicago SF con, apparently by getting dissed by some of the hotel staff. They promised to hold a one-day event the end of March and so they are:

Chi-Fi is here!

Chi-Fi is a convention celebrating geekdom. Whether you were a geek since long before it was "cool" or are only now discovering your inner geek, we welcome you at Chi-Fi. We know that there are many different varieties of geek out there. No matter what kind of geek you are, there is a place for you at Chi-Fi.

Our inaugural event, Chi-Fi 0, will take place on March 29, 2014 from 3PM to 3AM at the historic Palmer House Hilton Hotel in downtown Chicago. There will be fantastic guests including Jason Carter (Marcus from Babylon 5), musicians SJ Tucker, Kieran Strange, the great Luke Ski, Time Crash, and more! There are exciting panels including cosplay, Homestuck, geek culture, After Dark, and gaming. Bristol Ren Faire will be on hand to entertain. There may even be a surprise or two. Registration is only $15. Register now!

In mid-March 2015, we will return for our first full-weekend convention. We are bringing you even more exciting guests, engaging panels and after dark entertainment. Support Chi-Fi bypre-registering for Chi-Fi 2015 today and gain free admission to Chi-Fi 0!

I don't know any more about details, but they got the Palmer House, a very elegant Chicago hotel, and free registration if you pre-register for the March 2015 Chi-Fi 1.

I think Chi-Fi 0 sounds like a cool idea.

Dr. Phil