April 3rd, 2014



Monday night remained warm for a change -- it was still 50°F in the morning. By 4pm Tuesday, it had dropped to 43°F, overcast, windy with gusts to 44mph. Yet two hours later, the sun had broken through and the clouds cleared. Back up to fifty.

I noted that the lawns on campus were clear of snow -- I could see one thin band of snow in the shadow of the Psychology building. In town, there were still a few snow mounds in some parking lots. Evil dark things covered in dirts and muds. In the country, only a few fields had snow -- isolated areas under trees and on the shadow sides of hills. Some of the small ponds and lakes were still ice covered. More snow further north -- our lawn isn't quite clear yet.

Wednesday was supposed to be rain, but that changed to late tonight. Instead, we had clear weather. Sunny. Even got back up to fifty degrees, which wasn't the forecast of a few days ago. Pretty day. Even less snow and there's open water in the ponds. The Grand River is high, some minor flooding, but mostly behaving itself. It has been a fairly orderly melt.

Bonus: I didn't get the shots of the geese the other day. But this morning there was one Canadian goose strolling on the lawn towards me. One shot at 80mm, then switch to the 80-200mm lens. Dammit, it's strolled too far -- the side mirror is in the way and shooting through the windshield is less optimal. And it was just one goose. But it was something.

That leaves us with tomorrow, Thursday. Rain tonight. Freezing rain in the early morning. Yesterday they were talking a tenth of an inch of ice. Now they're saying the ice should be north of a line along I-96 from Muskegon to Grand Rapids to Lansing. I figure I might run into some ice at first, but the counties south aren't in the advisory at all.

We shall see what we shall see.

Dr. Phil