April 6th, 2014


The Next Week Of April

Sunday -- FINALLY we get WGN doing a Cubs game while we are home. Currently ahead 4-1. Murky blue sky and faint sun now, more blue sky and bright sun this morning. Besides all the bird noises, I heard the unmistakable sound of frogs from the drainage ditch by the road. Not the peepers, but decent deep frog noises.

Saturday -- IT SNEW overnight. Allegan and Wayland were expected to get maybe an inch. At 2:30am, our front yard had a white coating. At 8:06am, there was a sufficiency of snow, though not enough to once again flatten all the weedy stalks. By noon it was brilliant blue sky and sunshine. Alas, stayed indoors to do work, so no run out to look for suitable pictures.

Friday -- RAINS overnight, not much actual rain until about the last twenty miles. But the sidewalks on campus, still wet from the rains had a few worms. Wormsign! Spring! They (a) all looked drowned and (b) were all dinky small worms. Usually on campus we see the big honking earthworms. But the big honking geese might have taken them. Or the deep front affected them. Or I just missed them.

Our deck is finally clear and only minimal zone piles along the edges of the driveway, turnaround and trendline. But... we may actually have a chance for spring.

Dr. Phil

P.S. -- Cubs added four runs in the bottom of the sixth. Cubs-8 Phillies-1. Philadelphia added two runs in the top of the ninth -- there was no bottom of the ninth. (Cubs win!)