April 16th, 2014


And A Special Prize For A-Holes Being A-Holes Celebrating A-Holes

Today's lone Recent Comments notification was stuck onto a January 2010 post about my writing career.

And THIS asshole wins a prize -- either an asshat or an asshat-directed zombie computer -- I get to blog about his stupidity!
Anonymous (from

April 16 2014, 16:07:36
Fred Phelps, now 81 years, continues to be harboring anger
inside of him to get a very long time. As it did last year,
the IRS expects to issue nine away from ten tax refunds in a 3 week period or less.

Lottery taxes are deducted from annuity installments when distributed to winners.
I don't think Fred Phelps cares much about his anger anymore. He daid. We wished him good riddance awhile ago.

As for taxes, "nine away from ten", is that 9 - 10 = +1 ... Or 9 takeaway from 10, which is 9 - 10 = -1 ? And what would be -1 tax returns anyway? This new Nigerian math is so confusing. Was that a $30,000 good faith deposit on USD$58,000,000 ? Or $5000 against THREE BILLIONS DOLLARS locked in a foreign bank account?

I tell you, mocking the people pooping on my blog is rapidly becoming a spectator sport.

Dr. Phil