April 22nd, 2014


Whew -- Made It This Time

A year ago tomorrow I gave my second Final Exam for Spring 2013. Or mostly did. I had gotten what I thought was the late flu from my students, the one that the Fall 2012 flu shot didn't really protect against. I was running a fever and felt totally wasted. "Weak as a kitten," was a phrase I repeated to people.

I called in from the road, explaining that I was running late and had to use the bathroom as soon as I got in -- I had been pushing fluids -- and could someone start the exam for me.

When I finally got there, my department chair and the secretary were proctoring the exam. My boss took one look at me and told me to go home. I told him that I needed to do about an hour's work so that someone could handle the Check-Out form duties -- I always do a Check-Out before they leave to make sure that a missing paper really is a missing paper, while there is time to print up a new copy, etc. No surprises.

So after an hour, I trudged up out of the lecture hall in 1110 Rood, barely, and made it to my office where I puttered a few more hours. Who knew it would be 237 days until I was back in my office on campus?

And now we're starting up the long line of one year anniversaries.

Today the weather was pleasant, heading up to a high of like 54°F, but the sunny drive was in the forties. I made it to campus by 9:30, picked up my exams, came to my office, put my HP Mini 1000 in its little case, loaded up the cookies -- it's Finals so we get name brand cookies *** -- and was over to open up 1110 Rood in plenty of time for the 10:15 start time. 91 students, everyone done by 12:15, one way or the other. ****

Back to my office. All without thinking I would pass out. (grin)

What a difference a year makes.

Now it's all over for the semester. Except for the grading. Except for the screaming.

Okay, so one week to go before grades submitted Tuesday 29 April 2014 -- and then I am free until September.

I am going to make up for that dastardly Year Without A Summer, I assure you. Even with two canes and a walker and a foot brace!

Dr. Phil

*** For the record there were real Oreos, Peanut Butter Oreos, Triple Double Oreos -- three cookies, two fillings, one of white and one of chocolate -- we never did find the Megastuf Oreos with twice the filling of a Doublestuf -- and a rerun of this year's most popular cookies, the almond Windmill cookies.

**** Meanwhile, despite all the work I have to do and the story I've been working on, naturally yesterday I came up with a nearly fully fledged story idea, so I started writing that while the students worked on their final exam.

Windows 8 -- Doesn't Get It -- Epic Fail Edition

Facebook interrupts your feed to stick in ads these days. There was a howler from Microsoft. It didn't actually say Windows 8, no doubt because they're embarrassed by it, but they did show an XP desktop and claimed you could keep it all, followed by the hashtag #GoodbyeXP.

As I went to comment, I didn't see a single atta-boy, way to go, Microsoft. No, it was all give me my XP.

Epic. Fail.

With a new Windows PC, keep the Desktop you love and run the Office you know. ‪#‎GoodbyeXP‬

  • Philip Edward Kaldon So, just like Windows XP I can install Office 95 and use Norton Utilities and Special Edition 4.5 in a cmd.exe MS-DOS box and run WordStar 3.30 in the DOS box? I Don't Think So. Microsoft -- you keep forgetting that it's MY machine and I use it to do WORK. You keep putting out crap like Me, Vista and 8 which keep breaking things. You don't get it. Dr. Phil

I keep telling my students I need fifteen minutes in a dead end alley with Bill Gates or his designated Prince, and with an aluminum baseball bat I'll 'splain a few things to them.

Dr. Phil