April 28th, 2014


A Relief

Whew. Just before 2am Sunday/Monday. All the regular Topic 1 book reports are graded -- only those with draft papers are left, and I've already read those once. E-mail from my grader this evening, says the Finals are graded, plus the outstanding Quiz 8. I'll get those tomorrow at the office.

That leaves the rest of the Topic 2 real world data worksheets to grade and rummaging through all the piles, looking for any stray papers or corrections.

With all the meat ground, then it'll be time to make the sausage.

Tick-tock. Grades are coming. Due Tuesday at noon.

Off to sleep.

Dr. Phil


So... 11:48pm and the last of the Topic 1 Science Literacy papers with draft are done. We're getting down to the final nuts and bolts for grading this semester. Input the T1 paper grades and that will finish the Actual grade loads -- the Topic 2 real world data analysis worksheets were finished and input this afternoon before 5pm. Final Exams and the last outstanding quiz were input by noon.

But of course, the Actual grade load isn't the end. I have to look at a couple of data sheets in the morning, checking things from the Final Exam Check-Out forms. Then double-check everything.

Eventually, it'll be time to input the grades. But there's one last thing to do. For every student who earns an E, what WMU calls an F, I have to dig through the records and ascertain the last known date of attendance. THEN I can finish.

No doubt I could get 'er done tonight, but I'll take my time, get my sleep and do it right for the noon deadline in the morning.

I hope. (evil-grin)

Dr. Phil