May 2nd, 2014


The 2014 Summer Reading Program

May the Onest.

Heavy box from Amazon.

It's my summer reading project. A boxed set of the five extant George R.R. Martin books in A Song of Ice and Fire.

No. I hadn't read the books yet.

No. We don't get HBO. Our Netflix is streaming only, not DVD. And I'm too cheap to buy the Blu-Ray, though I have seen a couple of episodes in hotel rooms. And I know enough about what's going on that as people breathlessly post comments and spoilers, I understand. And know who's who in the cast, to some extent.

This isn't so unusual. When I was a teenager and had to choose how to spend my few dollars per week -- books, model railroad, camera -- I hated buying the first book in a series, until the series was established. And if it was a long series, I put it off. So I got sucked into Dune. But put off Lensman. In more recent eras, I dove into Harry Potter. Didn't do GRRM or Discworld or Wheel of Time.

So I decided a few weeks ago it was time to delve into "my twin's" Westeros epic.

A Game of Thrones is some 800 pages. I noted that the two-page map of Westeros is ©2011, while the book is ©1996, so either the maps are special to the 2011 Bantam paperback edition or reflect updated maps for later in the series. Also, the markings are tiny. I have a magnifying glass set out next to me. (grin) I might see if it's online and print it out.

Anyway, terrific opening. And we're on our way... See you in a couple of weeks. (quintuple-grin)

Dr. Phil