May 17th, 2014


Clarion 2004 + 10 and Other Detcon Panels

The Programming track for Detcon 1 in July has panels listed for those signed up to do panels and readings. I've picked my 38 top choices (grin), including at least two that I proposed.

But this is a special plea to everyone from the 2004 Clarion Workshop -- I managed to get a tenth anniversary panel on the list:
Clarion 2004 + 10

50 min
Add this session to my list

Ten years ago one of the last Clarion workshops was held at MSU. Instructors and students of that last class (and others) share their thoughts on the successes, failures, benefits from Clarion after 10 years.

We are seeking students and instructors from the 2004 Clarion at MSU (or from other Clarion workshops, but the focus would be on the 2004 Clarion) for this panel.
If you are coming of thinking about coming to Detcon 1, the NASFiC in Detroit MI 17-20 July 2014, please let me know and if you aren't already signed up for Programming, I can get you the info.

July is coming faster than you think.

Dr. Phil

2 !

My, oh my.

It IS a horse race now.

I missed the Kentucky Derby two weeks ago, coming back from Penguicon. But...

California Chrome has won the Preakness at Pimlico, which means we have a chance at a Triple Crown winner in three weeks.

There have been three Triple Crown winners in my lifetime:
1973 Secretariat
1977 Seattle Slew
1978 Affirmed

I suppose I can be forgiven for thinking it was easy, three in six years, two in two years, but before the legendary Secretariat you have to back to 1948 and Citatio -- 25 years. It has been 35 since Affirmed. Meanwhile, the Triple Crown losers in my lifetime -- Kentucky Derby and Preakness winners -- are a much longer list:
Carry Back (1961): seventh to Sherluck
Northern Dancer (1964): third to Quadrangle
Kauai King (1966): fourth to Amberoid
Forward Pass (1968): second to Stage Door Johnny
Majestic Prince (1969): second to Arts and Letters
Canonero II (1971): fourth to Pass Catcher
Spectacular Bid (1979): third to Coastal
Pleasant Colony (1981): third to Summing
Alysheba (1987): fourth to Bet Twice
Sunday Silence (1989): second to Easy Goer
Silver Charm (1997): second to Touch Gold
Real Quiet (1998): second to Victory Gallop
Charismatic (1999): third to Lemon Drop Kid
War Emblem (2002): eighth to Sarava
Funny Cide (2003): third to Empire Maker
Smarty Jones (2004): second to Birdstone
Big Brown (2008): Did Not Finish to Da' Tara
I'll Have Another (2012): Did Not Start to Union Rags

12 of 18 since Affirmed, including Spectacular Bid who could've made it three Triple Crowns in a row.

Yes, I'm a fairweather racing fan -- just these three races. But oh what a tradition.

Dr. Phil

2 !!

Ten-ish days ago I talked about enjoying a lovely Thai dinner out -- instead of getting admitted to the hospital as I had a year ago. We just don't get over to Jenison and Bangkok Taste very often.

Meanwhile, there's been a small restaurant in Allendale which has held the kiss of death -- G&L, a Mediterranean place, wasn't there a Mexican place in there? -- but has had a sign for weeks saying that Aroy Thai was coming. They opened this week. Or at least they had taken down the Coming Soon sign and their parking lot was suspiciously full. So Mrs. Dr. Phil decided we should try some Allendale Thai for Saturday supper.

She found a menu on their Facebook page -- under AllendaleAroyThai . Smiling, she suggested we could compare the two Thai places. They had Crab Ragoons. Ooh, they had soup, too.

In fact, we could have the same dinner to compare:

New name; Same recipes.

We would like to Thank our parents [Bangkok Taste] for teaching us everything we've learned! Now, with 10 years of experience on Restaurant Management and preparing Authentic Thai Cuisines, my Brother and I will now be managing our own Thai Restaurant!
Well, the duck had a slightly different description:

Crispy half duck served with a side of peanut sauce

Mmm... peanut sauce.

We will be eating bits of Thai food much more often. (grin)

Dr. Phil