May 26th, 2014


Ah, Home

We saw it when we lived in the U.P. We see it now living in West Michigan. We're going the right way when it comes to Chicago.

Monday, Memorial Day, coming home from WisCon. I-294 / I-80 / I-94. We had some slowdowns in the construction zones. But nothing like the inbound traffic towards Chicago. Solid lanes barely moving, stretching for nearly _25_ miles? Man, who wants to live that way?

Meanwhile... WisCon 38 was fabulous. The Madison Concourse Hotel did a fine job. All the panels I was on or attended were great -- my reading went well. WisCon just has a very different vibe than most cons. There's a strong academic track at WisCon as well as the shared spacetime with SFRA's meeting.

THE only negative thing was the audio in the overflow room for the Guest of Honor and Tiptree Award speeches. The video camera was not plugged into the sound system, so it depended on what had to be its omnidirectional or hemispherical microphone. Great at picking up the audience ambient hubbub, not so great at the speakers' words.

And really, that's the only complaint I have for the whole weekend.

Whew. It's good to be home. I am glad to have had the time this summer to do WisCon and extraordinarily grateful that Mrs. Dr. Phil was not only interested in coming along and had a lovely time herself, but there is zero way that I can travel by myself. If you feel you need more respect and courtesy directed your way, get a walker. Not only are people helpful, you'll run into other people with walkers, scooters, wheelchairs and canes -- and you can have conversations you'd never have had before. Of course walking with a walker is a bitch, so really -- don't find yourself needing a walker.

More anon.

Dr. Phil