June 2nd, 2014


HBO 1 -- Starship Troopers

No, not what you think. Hyperbaric Oxygen Session #1. 1-3pm.

Big clear tank with a hatch on one end. Gurney slides in on rails. They stuff in some foam pieces for arm rests. Run it up to 2 atmospheres oxygen absolute pressure -- 1 atm gauge pressure. No electronic devices. Cotton only garments. When they were talking about this the other day, they asked if I knew why. I replied Apollo 1. Despite this being Grand Rapids MI, most people in 2014 don't know about Apollo 1. Sigh.

The procedure itself isn't bad. They have three chambers but I was the only one there today. With all that oxygen, my resting pulse, which is usually around 59 bpm was down to 51 bpm. Respiration dropped, too. No real complaints.

Anyway, they have a big wall of movies. So I figured to go through their SF stash -- I will have 30-40 sessions, five a week, so I can do damage to their library.

First Session: Starship Troopers
Dreadful movie and a guilty pleasure. I always watch it when I run into it late at night. (grin) There are a bunch of scenes routinely cut for broadcast that it's been years since I've seen. We'll pick up tomorrow right where Carmen and Zander crash into Bug City.

Dr. Phil