June 13th, 2014


HBO 9 -- Back to the Future -- Back to the Future Part III

Ninth session: Back to the Future (conclusion)
Marty McFly... everyone is mean to him. Biff is a bully and would be rapist. I tell you, these people are bad, and yet this is a comedy? Add to that, Marty is an impulsive idiot at times. He's the last person who should be put in charge of determining everyone's destiny with a time machine.

Ah, that word. It is one of our favorite lines from this movie. "I am your density." (snicker)

Another annoying thing I had forgotten about. The older age makeup. His mother in 1985 doesn't look real. She either looks like a cartoon or someone with a severe allergic reaction to something.

A shame. I remember enjoying this movie when it came out, and I'm sure we rented it as a pre-lab to the later movies. But we generally don't like comedies. And though this is an important film, I find the meanness of many of the characters unpalatable today. Too bad.

Back to the Future Part III
Starts at 12 November 1955, two days before my sister Wendy was born, and right near the end of Part I. They don't have Back to the Future Part II. It's as of it never happened. Good, because though I haven't seen it in years, it sucks. Part III is far, far better.

Still, trust Doc Brown with your Old West attire? Bad choice, Clint Eastwood.

We got as far as Clint making it into town, after having been rescued and put to bed... Part III really is working the formula here.

And anyway, when did Hill Valley get located out in the West? There was nothing to suggest that Hill Valley was any further west than Indiana or Iowa.


This evening the PICC line slowed down even more. The IV is supposed to run at 20 drips in 15 seconds and take about two hours. This morning it started at 25 seconds per 20 drips, and settled into 17-19 seconds. But tonight it started at 30 seconds and only worked up to 25 seconds. It took just about three hours.

I've called it in to the Spectrum Home Nurses. There is a third type of IV flush, beyond the saline and the heparin flushes already in use. It has enzymes to help clear out the blockage -- Drano for IVs. They used it last year, I recall. Might have it tomorrow, I hope, because three hours is unacceptable.

Dr. Phil


Friday the 13th isn't really any worse than any other day -- we just like pattern matching so much we make a big deal. Full moon? Might or might not be statistically relevant. In any case, I'm not worried about those.

But... as if spending a couple of hours a day tied up to an IV at home twice a day isn't annoying enough, my PICC line is slowing down. It's supposed to flow at 20 drops per 15 seconds. But by the weekend, I had to adjust the control to full flow to go that fast. And in the last couple of days it's gotten slower. Usually picks up a bit after some time. So that 15 seconds went to 20 and 17 seconds. Then 25 and 19. And last night was 30 and maybe close to 20-22 seconds. Took three hours instead of two.

I did call it in to Spectrum Home Nursing. Right now we have two kinds of flushes, saline solution before and after, and heparin before clamping off and capping the PICC line. But there's a third kind of flush, with an enzyme to dissolve a blockage at the interior end of the PICC line. Pretty sure they did that once or twice last summer and I imagine we need to do it this time. The IV pharmacy is a bit stingy with handing these out -- probably for good reasons. But three hours wide open for a two hour infusion? That's not acceptable.

This morning, though, I managed a new one. After spiking the bag and getting ready to hang it up on the IV stand, it started dripping. The pointy plastic spike had poked a hole in the little tube at the base of the IV bag. Didn't know it could do that.

So I got up and tossed the bag and primary set into the sink and got another bag out ol the fridge upstairs. Thankfully there was one. The rest are in the minifridge downstairs and I can't do those stairs right now. But... you have to wait an hour for it to warm up. Even then it's still somewhat cold, so I have the heat pump on heat to get the house temp up to 73°F.

A 9:45am start instead of 8:45. If it does take three hours again, I won't be done til 12:45. So I'll be late for my hyperbaric oxygen chamber session. Called down there already. If I'm going to be much more than an hour late, they may cancel, seeing as I'm one of the last of the day as it is. Grrrr.

And you thought this being home stuff was easy. (grin)

Dr. Phil