June 26th, 2014


HBO 18 -- Godzilla -- Backdraft

Eighteenth session -- Godzilla (conclusion)
And now this version of Godzilla descends into its Jurassic Park velociraptor phase. Really, did they think we wouldn't notice?

And these critters just won't die easily. If full automatic firepower doesn't kill them, what makes them think that a couple of puny missiles will take out Madison Square Garden AND kill some 200 nine-foot armored reptiles? And were they firing Sidewinders -- an air-to-air missile at a building? They needed to pound that hole in the ground to oblivion and with incendieraries. "Nuke them from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."

Once I'd like to see jets come into a city at proper speed. Godzilla and Independence Day both suffer from the slow motion looks like holding a model and "flying" the planes by hand. One time we were driving through Chicago the weekend of the air and water show, and it was either the USAF Thunderbirds F-16s or US Navy Blue Angels F-18s who were diving into downtown from multiple directions, and as they swooped in low and at speed, my thought was -- this is what I'd see in Kosovo... Yeah, you don't get that point of view from air or ground in movies.

We won't even discuss the coincidences. Or the ex-girlfriend. Or why they both wear berets.

Not the worst film in the world, but...

We keep having themes here. Ron Howard. Chicago. Firefighters. A father killed in the past. And sometimes one just has to watch a good film. Indeed, I think this 1991 film was the first we really unnoticed that little Ronnie Howard had grown up to be a good, big-time director.

Chicago loves its firefighters. And there is an energy of watching the trucks roll, in the past or the present. Kurt Russell is outstanding as the older brother -- he lives to fight fires. Scott Glenn, who we first really noticed as Alan Shephard in The Right Stuff, is always great. De Niro as the fire investigator, what a wonderful performance -- his character was solid, careful, confident and dedicated.

What can I say about Donald Sutherland? Sure, he looks like Donald Sutherland, but his firebug character is so damned creepy. Soft spoken and gentle and BURN THE WHOLE WORLD all at once.

"If you go, we all go."

Haven't gotten to solve the Big mystery or the Big set piece fire yet.


Did the Lane Avenue flip on I-196 again. Why are people such jerks? There was this guy in a Suburban ahead of me in downtown. The trim piece that has the license plate illuminator on the rear lift gate had broken off and was hanging by its wires, covering up the license plate. And then on Ionia, as I am in the right turn lane to go up the hill on Michigan to Butterworth Hospital -- and I can't make a right turn on red because I can't see downhill because this asshole keeps inching his Suburban forward every time I do. And he's not making a right turn!

Quiet in the hyperbaric oxygen unit. Just me in tank A.

Afterwards, back to Allendale for PT at 4:30, this time with Greg, though my usual guy Craig came over to update on my situation. The team will be back together again next week.

Oh, BTW, here's my Oxygen Periodic Table cap. Picture taken on Kindle Fire HD. (Click on photo for larger.)
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Dr. Phil

Best Short Story I've Read So Far This Year

They say LiveJournal is dead. They say short stories are dead. They say reimagined fairy tales are overused, trite, done.

They -- are idiots.

This evening in my LJ Friends list, I had the delight of reading a short story which was beautiful, poetic -- and completely changed my mind about curses.

Ursula Vernon is a North Carolina author and artist of cute wombats and other critters. (Shame on the Kindle for not having wombat in its spellchecker.) Today she posted "Toad Words", which starts:
Frogs fall out of my mouth when I talk. Toads, too.
It used to be a problem.
There was an incident when I was young and cross and fed up with parental expectations. My sister, who is the Good One, has gold and gems fall from her lips, and since I could not be her, I had to go a different way.
So I got frogs. It happens.
Sigh. Lovely.

Ursula's website is at http://www.redwombatstudio.com/ .

Dr. Phil