July 17th, 2014



So... the single lumen PICC line was yanked out today. That means no more 2x daily two-hour IV drips. Yay. A little over six weeks. I keep looking over my shoulder, but there's no bag dripping. And as of Monday, I was done with the hyperbaric oxygen chamber visits, 5x per week. No more four hour a day door-to-door trips.

Today I drove down to Butterworth Hospital, gave the Blazer to the valet parking, and got wheelchaired over to Infectious Diseases. All my blood work looks good. And other than the first night in hospital, my temps have been normal. So any raging infection, raging or otherwise, is most likely still in the heel bone. If we beat it back, things will be good.

But it's time to change antibiotics, so the PICC line came out. It's pretty simple, but most people don't see beyond the outer attachment. The thin tube goes up the upper arm and down into the chest through the big veins. Hard to tell since it kind of coils a bit once pulled out, but it could easily be 15-18" long.

I'll start the oral antibiotic tomorrow.

After the doctor's office, I phoned in an order for a Chicago stuffed pizza from Crust 54. Our original plan for Detcon was to grab a pizza from Chicago 7, but alas they went out of business. Again. So off to Holland. Not a trivial trip at just after 5pm... and an I-196 with construction issues. Though why a closed left shoulder and no workmen should screw up things so bad. But that's rush hour traffic for you. I prepaid for the pizza and had them deliver it out the back door. Then home. Yum.

The entire trip today? 2:45-6:45. Four hours door-to-door. (grin)

Dr. Phil

There Will Be Trouble

So, I finished my prelab for the Robocop panel, Saturday, 2pm. I mean come on, you can't have a NASFiC in Detroit and not honor Officer Murphy. I saw Robocop 2 on VHS in an HBO dive. The Criterion Blu-Ray was like $25. Instead, I found an MGM 3-disk set of Robocop/2/3 for $21, with Amazon Prime free shipping. It came Tuesday and I watched Robocop in the wee hours and tonight did Robocop 3.

Now I am ready for Detcon 1.

Well, other than that whole writing that story for my reading on Friday at noon thing. (evil-grin)

Dr. Phil

Oh... wait...

I took KATNISS, the Asus Eee PC Windows 7 machine to WisCon, and haven't touched it since I got home. Plugged it in, let it get a little charge them booted it and did a LiveUpdate for the Symmatec Antivirus, since the last update was back on 22 May. I had run LiveUpdate before WisCon so I wouldn't have a big update on the 3G hotspot. That was nearly two months ago, so I knew the "update" would essentially be the equivalent of a reinstall. 169MB. Went pretty fast.

Then I let it sit for a while, shut it down and restarted. Really, Microsoft? Two months and you don't have 46,328 updates? I let it sit through most of Robocop 3 and cycled it again. Still nothing.

Just as I was shutting it down before packing it up, I remembered. I had turned off automatic updates before WisCon, so I wouldn't have to scream at it to write my one-hour story and not suck down the metered megabytes on the 3G WiFi hotspot.

Okay, I can live with that for the weekend.

Dr. Phil