July 20th, 2014


Greetings From Detroit

We're here in Detroit on the 38th floor of the Renaissance Center. So very glad to be at Detcon1, the 2014 NASFiC. It's a bit odd for me as I am using a wheelchair to minimize the amount of walking and standing on my left foot. But what of course that means is that Mrs. Dr. Phil has to push me around. I can move short distances by myself, but carrying canes in one hand means left hand on a wheel and right foot on the ground. Takes some effort for me to move on the carpet.

So no late night wandering around, trips up to the Con Suite on 69 or the parties on 68. Also I need to have an afternoon nap to help keep my old edema down in my legs. And no getting into more optimal positions for taking pictures.

But I AM here. I AM taking pictures with the D1H and the D100. So I AM damned glad to be here and seeing some of y'all.

And I will complete my six panels plus a reading. And post pictures later. And I knew I had a Michigan story from way back -- so old it's never been sent out. I found it listed on a file of story titles. Alas no Concierge on my PC. And no back up file upstairs with it on it. The story lives on a number of hard drives of machines that either don't boot or haven't been booted in years. Probably on an old 10 GB external hard drive, but it takes a weird driver. And I need to find a copy of that. Or in the downstairs office there should be a 3½" FDD drive -- but I haven't been downstairs in over a year.

So, there's nothing to it but rewrite it from scratch. No pressure. I started at around 10:30pm Thursday night, had a 90-95% version by 2am, revised it at 10am, and read it to Detcon at noon.

The audience of seven liked it.

Gotta love deadlines.

Dr. Phil