July 30th, 2014


Progress Report #67352a (Supplemental)

No sooner than I post Tuesday at midnight on my heel status, and 23 hours later...

So at 11pm last night we were changing socks and ended up having to change the entire dressing for the second time of the day. It had obviously bled some during the day, more than we've seen. Nothing obvious, but this is not right.

So called the wound clinic this morning and got a 10:30am appointment. Mrs. Dr. Phil came along with, both out of concern and because she's the one who can report what it's been doing. The tissue still looks good, but there may be a cavity in there which leaks from time to time? Doesn't help the thrice-damned cardiologists want to keep me on a blood thinner, Xyralto.

Really need to see the results of the repeat MRI.

Okay, so the MRI was ordered a week ago by my foot surgeon. Also blood work in advance, which was done last week. Been waiting for scheduling to get back to me -- so I called them from the Wound Clinic. Mind, I can see Butterworth Hospital across the street.

Eventually get a person. They wanted to schedule me for 19 August. More. Than. Two. Weeks. From. Today. I told them this is not acceptable, that I've got three doctors waiting on the results, can't do more HBO without results, plus we need to know what's going on in there. Eventually, they relented and came up with Saturday 9 August 2014 -- some ten days from now. Oh, and it's over at Blodgett Hospital, which we had to Google to see where the hell THAT is. I mean, we've got Butterworth mostly figured out, but who cares about that.


Best fucking goddamn health care system in the world my ass.

Yes, I know that MRI$ are scarce resources, in heavy demand and a lotta people are trying to get procedures done before school starts... But I am trying to save my foot from amputation! I can't feel anything so I have zero idea what's going on in there. And there's the little thing of classes starting up -- Fall Semester represents over half my income this year, as I only had one class in the Spring (Winter). To say nothing of being able to tell my department what is going on. It's so damned frustrating!


I'll call them again tomorrow and pester them.

Dr. Phil