August 6th, 2014


Another Bites The Dust?

Is the whole Sam's Joint BBQ chain closed? Can't find their website and Yelp -- not the most reliable of sites IMHO -- has some closure notes. But the Grand Haven Tribune link above has two quotes that seem to cement the deal:
Ben of Grand Haven asked, "Saturday night I went to eat at the Sam's Joint in Norton Shores. The doors were locked and the parking lot was empty. Was there an announcement that I missed? Are they closed for good? I hate to see that place go — it was my favorite."

ANSWER: (2/14/2014)

Sorry, Ben, but it appears the chain of Sam's Joint restaurants in West Michigan are no more.

The phone numbers for the Norton Shores and Coopersville locations are disconnected, and the business' website is down.

Owner Sam Bravata told for a story in November 2012 that he wanted to sell the business he started in Caledonia in 1977 and retire. At the time, there were nine Sam's Joints...
WED, 03/26/2014 - 12:02PM
I just happened to find this thread when I did a Google search. I work with and Miedema Auctioneering and we're the ones conducting the actions for all of the antiques and vintage items from the Sam's Joint locations. We just did one yesterday in Coopersville, and have 3 more coming up for the locations in Middleville, Plainwell, and Norton Shores, respectively.
I've driven past the Coopersville location at Exit 19 48th Avenue and I-96 recently. Didn't pay attention. Maybe thought the big sign was down from a storm? I don't know, wasn't paying attention. Last time we were there was in the fall? I don't remember. They tended to be packed, especially when they'd reinstate some of their 1977 prices.

So... assuming they're gone, they'll be missed. Great ribs. Terrific burgers.

Best memory was going out to dinner after a long power outage. Found out they had just opened up. They had told the power crews they'd feed them if they'd get them power. Big table of linemen really happy after a couple of long days. No ribs -- those cook all day -- but the kitchen was turning out great stuff, they had the AC cranked on a hot summer day, and the staff was so thrilled to be working AND busy.

We'll drive by soon and see if there's any info on the door...

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