August 13th, 2014


Ah, The Winners...

Linked for your enjoyment, without comment, your 2014 winners of the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest.

Oh hell, I'll comment anyway and include the science fiction winner:
The spaceship hovered like a saucer, only rounder, deeper, the product of an unholy union between dessert plate and finger bowl, as any of the villagers familiar with traditional service à la russe dining could plainly see. — Suzy Levinson, Sunnyside, NY
And because you can never have too much It was a dark and stormy night, the runner-up:
It was a dark and stormy night, as it would be for the next 23 years on the world of Lo’soun, a lop-sided planet that rolls around its axis like one of those spinning tops kids have, and for the next 23 years the brave space colonists would have to live without light, warmth, or the screaming, car-sized cicadas that only come out in the summer. — Matthew Hannum, Glen Burnie, MD
Hey, I've already written a story on car-sized cicadas!

Maybe I can be a winner someday. (grin)

Dr. Phil

PS -- Don't forget to read through them all -- especially the winner's other entries at the bottom of the page.

Some Results

Still working on all the crosstalk between three different doctors -- Foot surgeon, Wound Clinic and Infectious Diseases -- but have heard about Saturday's MRI.

The area of bone infection has not increased. This is very good.

The area of bone infection has not decreased. This is ambiguous, but apparently not unexpected.

Radiology says that it takes 6-12 months after IV antibiotics to know whether the bone is healing. Makes sense. The area affected right now looks the same whether static, reduced or cleaned out.

I suppose it would have been nice to know that beforehand. But I did know I'd be doing oral antibiotics for 6-12 months after the 6 weeks of IVs, so it's consistent.

So, worthless? Hell no. We know that it's not expanding. And it's not broken or crumbled. At worst it's held in check. The good news, I get to keep my foot for a while. I imagine we'll do a repeat MRI in six months and see where we stand. So to speak.

Damn slow motion infections... (grin)

Anyway, I imagine I'm good to go for Fall Semester.

Dr. Phil